• Why Russia’s church backs Putin’s war

    Scott Kenworthy     |      March 25, 2022

    Patriarch Kirill’s support for the bloody and unprovoked invasion of a country where millions of people belong to his own church underlines how Orthodox leadership have usually been little more than an arm of the authoritarian state.

  • Ukraine’s economic rebirth – and survival

    Yuriy Gorodnichenko     |      March 25, 2022

    The successful liberalisation of Ukraine’s economy stands in stark contrast with Russia’s oligarchies, offering another reason why Putin remains determine to crush it.

  • The circle of we

    Jeffrey Stepnisky     |      March 24, 2022

    Western social media support for Ukraine is encouraging, but its people need practical help and military assistance to withstand Putin’s bloodthirsty campaign to literally wipe its people and culture from the map.

  • Alley of a hundred heroes

    Anna Glew     |      March 24, 2022

    Ukraine has many memorials to the fallen heroes of its struggle for freedom and democracy, and Russia’s invasion will see many more raised in the future.

  • Ukraine’s women stand tall

    Mia Bloom     |      March 23, 2022

    Although they have suffered terribly in Russian captivity, thousands of Ukrainian women have taken to the front line to fight Putin’s invasion, continuing a proud tradition of resistance to tyranny.

  • Putin’s pet fascists

    Robert Horvath     |      March 22, 2022

    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has tried to justify his invasion of Ukraine as an attempt to ‘denazify’ the nation, but in reality it is Putin who has relied on neo-nazis to help crush democracy in Russia and promote his interests abroad.

  • The West owes Ukraine more than words

    Matthew Sussex     |      March 22, 2022

    The Western democracies should offer greater support for Ukraine, including direct military action, to reward the hope, courage and faith shown by Ukraine in its defence of freedom against tyranny.

  • The case for killing Putin

    Shannon Brincat     |      March 22, 2022

    The killing of tyrants such as Vladimir Putin has a long history, and while any action may have unforeseen consequences, justice would see the violence he has unleashed on innocents fall upon his own head.

  • Ukraine chose Europe, so Russia chose war

    Dominique Arel     |      March 21, 2022

    Three weeks after Putin’s invasion, the people of Ukraine are putting up fierce resistance to the latest in a long line of authoritarian Russian attempts to crush their national spirit and identity.

  • Putin’s war on history

    Lynne Viola     |      March 21, 2022

    Vladimir Putin has worked hard to suppress research into the many crimes of the Communist era he is trying to recreate, just as his invasion of Ukraine has been justified through a litany of lies and paranoia.

  • Ukraine’s fight for freedom – 100 years ago

    Matthew Pauly     |      March 20, 2022

    Ukraine, like Poland, the Baltic States, and many other nations have a long history of fighting for freedom against their Russian oppressors, and the revolt of Ukraine against the Bolsheviks a century ago may have lessons for today.

  • Would NATO even defend itself?

    Kenton White     |      March 19, 2022

    The West allowed Vladimir Putin to devastate Ukraine, and now fears are growing that Russian threats to NATO’s eastern members would not generate the tough response implied by NATO membership.