• Why real-time data matters to the maritime industry

    Ayesha Renyard     |      November 20, 2020

    Using real-time data in daily operations can help shipping companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and navigate anything that comes their way.

  • Saving our cities from the return of the car

    John Stone     |      June 22, 2020

    The best way to minimise congestion as the economy recovers is to improve commuters’ public transport options, rather than trying to price congestion away, and allow it to operate more effectively while still offering room for on-board social distancing.

  • Rethinking public transport after COVID-19

    Selby Coxon     |      June 5, 2020

    Public transport is the most efficient way to move large numbers of people about the city but the idea of sharing confined public spaces for long periods of time will play heavily on the minds of a public learning to maintain physical distance.

  • Getting personal on PT

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2020

    A research project aims to help Melbourne commuters make more efficient use of the existing road and transport network by tailoring individual journeys.

  • The car industry needs a change of gears

    Tim Harcourt     |      February 24, 2020

    The end of Holden should spur the remainder of the automotive industry to take radical steps to guarantee its future in Australia.

  • Scooting past the road rules?

    Elaine Stratford     |      February 20, 2020

    Are debates about e-scooters too narrow? Perhaps it is time to focus more on revitalising urban spaces and retrofitting road infrastructure than forcing them to fit into outdated legislation.

  • Electric cars to power ahead

    Max Thomas     |      February 14, 2020

    Electric cars will become an ever-more common sight on this country’s roads, but without an increase in renewable electricity generation, vehicle emissions will simply be transferred from cars to coal-fired power stations.

  • Engineering a smarter city

    Andrew Trounson     |      November 21, 2019

    An app that can get you from A to B faster and safer? The technology to transform our burgeoning city transport systems into intelligent networks is already here.

  • Does Australia want mobility as a service?

    Open Forum     |      November 20, 2019

    The ever growing consumer adoption of Mobility as a Service – MaaS – could help reduce the increasing traffic congestion on Australia’s urban roads.

  • Everyone can help reduce the cycling death toll

    Marilyn Johnson     |      November 20, 2019

    Deaths and injuries suffered by cyclists are on the rise, and it will take more care by those on the road and in planning offices to help reduce the toll.

  • To bus or not to bus? How culture affects public transport use

    Open Forum     |      November 20, 2019

    Stark cultural differences in attitudes to public transport have been revealed by an international study featuring a University of Queensland academic.

  • How far can you get in 30 minutes?

    David Levinson     |      November 20, 2019

    How many opportunities you can reach depends on where you live and how you travel. A new report maps accessibility for our eight capital cities by car, public transport, cycling and walking.