• Are solar powered cars on the horizon?

    Nick Galov     |      July 12, 2019

    Electric cars have been the ‘next big thing’ for decades, but they may finally become a reality in the next few years, and solar panels could help to boost the battery range which has long been their Achilles heel.

  • We subscribe to movies and music, why not transport?

    Benjamin Kaufman     |      July 6, 2019

    For Australians, “Mobility-as-a-Service” may still be on the distant horizon, but subscription scooter services may be a sign of how we will soon approach urban transport solutions.

  • Driverless buses could boost suburban public transport

    Neema Nassir     |      June 22, 2019

    Automated services in the form of expanded and frequent fixed-route services feeding major transit hubs, or flexible mobility-on-demand door-to-door trips could stop the downward spiral of suburban public transport.

  • Faster railways could halve inter-city travel times

    Philip Laird     |      June 21, 2019

    Air travel between Sydney and Melbourne is increasingly congested. High speed rail links could cut the travel times, but despite many studies, these plans remain stuck on the drawing board.

  • Will Sydney’s “3 x 30 minute cities” become a reality?

    David Levinson     |      June 4, 2019

    When a city gets to a certain size, it starts to make sense to have multiple centres of activity, and three are planned for Sydney. So what needs to be done to bring the city closer to this goal?

  • The risks and opportunities “decarbonising” transport

    Michael Brear     |      May 12, 2019

    Australia lags behind other nations in terms of regulating vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, but combining a range of measures can could clean our air and even save us money.

  • “Helmet churn” hampers e-scooter adoption

    Marek Kowalkiewicz     |      April 6, 2019

    Every day, e-scooters and helmets are put out together, but some people ride without helmets and at the end of each day helmets are missing. So what can be done to ensure safe riding behaviour?

  • How to get more people to use public transport

    Open Forum     |      March 9, 2019

    We know public transport takes traffic off the road and is better for the environment, but most of us prefer driving to taking the bus. Could better design could persuade us to think again?

  • Does Australia need a merchant shipping fleet?

    Sam Bateman     |      March 6, 2019

    Arguments that Australia needs a merchant fleet to safeguard national security and build a domestic source of skilled Australian seafarers should be carefully considered.

  • Keeping pedestrians safe in an age of silent electrical vehicles

    Sara Liu     |      February 23, 2019

    A quiet revolution is taking place in the car industry – one that promises enormous benefits, but one that can also deliver unintended risks to pedestrians and other road users if it’s not managed with care.

  • Queensland road trip to test AI on real Aussie roads

    Open Forum     |      February 17, 2019

    QUT researchers will take an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system on a road trip of south-east Queensland to ensure the autonomous cars of the future will be smart enough to handle tough Australian road conditions.

  • A driverless future? Don’t believe the hype

    Graham Currie     |      January 15, 2019

    Old fashioned public transport, rather than new business models such as uber or new technology in the form of driverless cars, will remain the backbone of urban mass transport for the foreseeable future.