Environmental issues affecting Australia and the world in 2015

| January 19, 2015

Exciting technological breakthroughs are successfully tackling current pressing environmental problems. Gregory Mueller wonders why we hear so little about this.

I would like to give you an update on my research on environmental issues affecting Australia and the world as we are beginning 2015.

With my change.org online petition to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt the numbers signing are slowly beginning to grow.

My first year university subject was to research an environmental topic. My group chose the Pacific Vortex and the plastic floating in our oceans. I was struck by how monumental the problem was, yet I had to go digging to find in depth information on the topic. I would have expected this subject to be front page news!

Other topics some groups chose was how China buys First World Countries’ waste and then recycle everything they can from it to sell and reuse. They also showed that any toxic or radioactive waste is now being denied by China. It is heartening to see they aren’t selling out to the big polluters, and that First World countries seem to stop using China as a dumping ground.

Hydrogen Technology has come to the radar recently with a Today Tonight episode of Hydogen being used to fuel cars. The by product is water! The head research scientists claim they are not only close, but that now it is just a matter of when this can be implemented. A bonus is that only a small conversion to current petrol engine motors is needed. No more oil dependence for motor vehicles! Again it is so frustrating that these kinds of topics are not closely followed up by media outlets.

Another exciting concept of cleaning up the plastic from the ocean in around five years  comes from a 19 year old student! It allows shipping lanes access, works on using the gyres natural flow direction and primarily runs off renewable energies. This limits damage to marine life. Funding in this case is again limited, and again there is so little media exposure for such a great concept! http://www.gyrecleanup.org/ is running a competition to create further concepts for clean up.

But the biggest story of this year in my opinion was the Lockeed Martin’s fusion reactor.

In a nutshell it’s harnessing energy like the sun, fusing particles together, which releases an abundance of energy with no radioactive by product. As I understand it’s the opposite of nuclear fission power which splits the atom. How is this not on world news daily!

I am personally not a big conspiracy believer, but the likelihood of large oil companies blocking this kind of technology from coming freely available is not a far-fetched concept at all. Thinking of the impact it would have flooding the market with these alternative solutions would send so many large companies into a spin.

I am still unsure whether to direct my energy towards lobbying to get these large companies to fund the new energies and a shift their vast resources towards these new profitable technologies. I wonder whether these large oil companies are so set in their ways that it would take a veritable environmental revolution from the masses to implement these technologies.

Please contact me with any more great stories such as these if you hear of any future technological breakthroughs. I feel there a many legitimate solutions to current environmental problems out there. They just need to be better sold/advertised through the media. Maybe that’s where my future job lies after my studies?


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  1. Allan Catlin

    Allan Catlin

    January 25, 2015 at 7:41 am

    helping our environment

    Good stuff, Greg. We need to know these things. What we don't need is blocking from those who see competition, and the consequent depletion of their profits. Great ideas need financial backing, which is always hard to shift from people who just want big bucks, not environmentally responsible projects.