| February 1, 2017

Leadership in Australia and abroad shapes the course of events. A certain leadership style can inspire and unite or polarise and divide.

So what does it mean to be a good leader? Most would agree that it is someone who knows how to achieve goals and motivates people along the way. Is there a particular Australian style of leadership and if yes, what does it look like and in what way is it different?

Furthermore, how can we achieve a higher representation of female leadership throughout our workforce and the wider community? Men have long dominated leadership positions. We see a more equal playing field today but gender inequality is still ripe in all areas of society. And what about Millennials in the workplace as they transition into future leaders – do they have what it takes?



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  1. ausnoo91

    February 11, 2017 at 2:11 am

    What is Leadership

    I think an important question to ask is, what is leadership? Personally, for me, Leadership is guiding myself and others down a path toward a common goal, taking ownership for the risks, errors and successes (but importantly sharing successes with the people we are leading).

    This being said it is important to understand that Leadership is then a choice, a choice to work up the skills to lead a team, a choice to continue to sit back and watch others lead or a choice to be a trail blazer and step out of the organisation you are in to lead in a way that will see success for the goals you have set.

    My stance on the female representation is as follows; – Current community leaders have set goals, they have a clearly defined path they want to lead their people down to succeed (The way they know how) – Future leaders are always looking at how things can be done differently, these are the people that step out of organisations to do things differently. – (DISCLAIMER – I AM A MALE, MY VIEW DOES NOT REPRESENT AND CANNOT REPRESENT THAT OF FEMALES) I believe strongly in creating your own destiny and taking charge of your own success.

    Female or Male it is important to be in an organisation that aligns with your values, if that is one of equality and being able to progress in a leadership role then why not choose an organisation or department where Leadership is based on merit and hard work. – If the above is not the case, be the change you want to see in the world. I have overcome adversity myself in my leadership endeavours, being a gay male (25 years old) I have had to make changes to my employment settings to ensure I was being considered for leadership based on my merits and hard work.

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