Nobel Prize Dialogue Sydney

| March 3, 2022

The unprecedented challenges the world faces today demand cooperation on a global scale, but our decision-making systems were not designed to deal with such complexity. Understanding and improving the way we make decisions – as individuals, as corporations, as nations and collectively as a species – will help us address pressing global issues more effectively.

The Nobel Prize Dialogue Sydney 2023 Virtual Event was a partnership between Nobel Prize Outreach and Sydney-based institute Global Access Partners to examine the future of decision making. A diverse, multidisciplinary group of thought leaders and creative thinkers, including Nobel Laureates, youth and senior representatives from government, industry and academia, proposed solutions which were then developed and implemented through a year-long GAP Second Track process.

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Another in-person dialogue for 500+ participants featuring several Nobel Laureates will be held at UNSW Sydney in October 2024.

The Nobel Prize Dialogue

The Nobel Prize Dialogue is an open, cross-disciplinary meeting bringing together a unique constellation of Nobel Prize laureates, world-leading scientists, policy makers and thought leaders to discuss global issues that affect us all.

A forum for scientists and non-scientists alike, the meeting aims to deepen the dialogue between the scientific community and the rest of society. The Nobel Prize Dialogue is free to attend and accessible to a worldwide audience online. The conference is inspired by the Nobel Week Dialogue, which has been taking place in Sweden since 2012 on the day before the Nobel Prize award ceremony.

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