Housing Affordability Online Consultation Report Released

| November 9, 2017

The report from the recent Housing Affordability Online Consultation, hosted by Open Forum, and run in conjunction with Global Access Partners and the NSW Department of Planning and the Environment, has now been released.

The consultation offered a unique opportunity for the general public, including homeowners, future homebuyers, tenants, developers, real estate agents, lawyers, academics, larger organisations and key stakeholder bodies, to contribute to the debate on housing affordability. Open Forum also featured a number of blogs from the NSW Government to provide background and context to the issues discussed.

You were invited to contribute to the following question: “What can be done to improve housing affordability?”

Responses ranged from suggestions to release more land, zoning changes and a shift to smaller dwellings. Some called for more innovative buildings and alternative ownership models. Transport infrastructure is tackled along with a call to develop regional Australia to distribute the population more evenly. Comments were constructive and the recommendations are thorough and wide-ranging.

Housing affordability continues to be pressing issue for NSW, with particular concern for Sydney house prices and the threat of a housing bubble. We would like to thank you all for your contribution to this debate and hope that you enjoy reading the findings here.

Open Forum continues to support discussion on this topic and welcome further comments to editor@openforum.com.au.