Liberal versus Labor in the wars of corruption

| September 4, 2015

The former judge Dyson Heydon insists on his decision not to stand aside from the royal commission into trade unions after he agreed to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser. Jason Cavallaro questions the Labor Party’s motives in continuing to seek his removal.

We know that there is quite a significant conflict of interest between the Liberal and the Labor party. Dyson Heydon, current Royal Commissioner of Australia and former Justice of the High Court of Australia, firmly stands his ground on not stepping down from his position as Commissioner.

If his position was to be replaced, the Commission would be out of operation for at least one year, as it would take more than a year for a new Commissioner to become updated with all information regarding current investigations.

Dyson Heydon accepted an invitation to a Liberal Party event, at which he planned to make a speech. Mr Heydon stated, “It was not to be a political speech. It was to be a legal speech.”

The Australian Labor Party demand for Dyson to resign as Royal Commissioner. Some express their desire for the Commission to be shut down completely. The Royal Commission is a legally enforced, investigatory body designed to expose evident corruption occurring in the Union. I am sure that the general population of Australia would appreciate being made aware of corruption occurring, rather than have the cases hidden from public cognizance.

Labor are dissatisfied with the fact that Mr Heydon stated that he would make his speech at the Liberal Party’s event when he is no longer in the position of Royal Commissioner. Does Dyson’s statement confirm Labor’s accusation of bias? Mr Heydon may have been willing to make the same speech at a Labor event, should he have received an invitation to speak.

Dyson Heydon has already uncovered three separate cases of corruption, committed by Labor politicians since he has held his position. Dave Oliver, National Secretary of the ACTU, during an interview on Lateline, stated that they do not want such corruption to be exposed, and that there are departments specified to deal with these matters privately, such as the Federal Police. However, this would essentially mean that the general population of Australia would have no right in knowing if such corruption was occurring.

Dave Oliver made the claim that the Royal Commission is only designed by the Liberal Party to uncover corruption of its competing parties. However, there was a recent national outcry when former Speaker and Liberal Party member Bronwyn Bishop wasted hard-earned taxpayer’s money on a helicopter ride. Is that a greater issue than multiple parliamentary members stealing money from the Union?

“We’ve seen rorts, rackets and rip-offs exposed by this Royal commission. We’ve seen an abundance of evidence of corruption and criminality.” – Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia

“A number of people have already been arrested or referred for prosecution. Why not let the Royal commission continue to do its work?” – Jason Om, News Presenter and Producer for the ABC.