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| April 14, 2021

Australians need reliable information and career guidance services to effectively navigate the changing world of work and build productive, sustainable, and fulfilling careers. A strong and effective career services system is critical to the economy to help and prepare people for the workforce of today and into the future.

The National Careers Institute (NCI) can help you prepare for education, training, or work opportunities, plan your future career and understand how to transfer your current skills into new career pathways.

To simplify access to careers information, the NCI was formed in July 2019. Our vision is to be Australia’s recognised, central careers body, simplifying and strengthening Australia’s career development system to address a fragmented and difficult to navigate career information and services landscape. We support Australia’s education, training, and employment systems by serving as the authoritative and trusted source of careers information. We aim to:

  • We inform – Strengthen careers data, information, and support to enable individuals to manage and develop their career more effectively.
  • We connect – Foster partnerships between individuals, industry, employers, schools, career advisors and career influencers to encourage information sharing, collaboration, and best practice across the careers sector.
  • We promote – Promote careers and skills development by driving awareness of career information and services, learning and working pathways so that individuals are informed to better navigate their career options.

Our mission is to drive up the quality and coverage of career guidance, including improved accessibility of information about education pathways and employment outcomes, to ensure that people are maximising their workforce potential, including directing people towards jobs in demand. We work closely with the National Skills Commission (NSC) to provide Australians with information about the labour market, workforce changes and emerging skills needs.

The NSC anticipates industry needs and builds knowledge of future skills requirements through data analysis of industry and occupation trends. We work closely with the NSC to ensure this data is made relevant for everyday Australians, helping them gain insights into their job opportunities at any age or career stage.

The NSC provides high quality advice to the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, The Hon Stuart Robert MP, on Australia’s labour market, future workforce changes and current and emerging skills needs, including:

  • Australia’s current, emerging, and future workforce skills needs
  • efficient prices for VET courses
  • the public and private return on government investment in VET qualifications
  • the performance of Australia’s system for providing VET
  • issues affecting the state of the Australian and international labour markets
  • opportunities to improve access, skills development, and choice for regional, rural and remote Australia in relation to VET.

Your Career

Designed by the NCI, can help you prepare for education, training, or work opportunities, plan your future career and understand how to transfer your current skills into new career pathways.

Your Career is the ‘digital front door’ for authoritative and reliable information on careers, education, and training. We take detailed labour market insights developed by the NSC and other trusted data partners and make these accessible through information, resources and tools allowing people to tailor information to their own interests.

Your Career enables you to explore a range of occupations available with comprehensive tools that connect you to relevant information to explore your next steps, including education and training information.

Given the changing nature of the labour market, Your Career continues to evolve to enable all Australians to take the next step in their career.

There are a range of tools available on Your Career to help you explore your career options. These tools include:

  • Your Future Career to explore occupations that are suited to your interests, skills, and experience.
  • Your Options Now to find occupations that you can pursue now or could pursue with just a short course.

We collaborate with the NSC and industry partners to map the current and future career pathways, drawing together powerful insights from the Jobs Education and Data Infrastructure (JEDI) and on-the-ground industry knowledge from around Australia.

Our digital channels draw together information from a range of Australian Government programs and initiatives, helping link people with skills and training opportunities, build their understanding of the  diversity of career pathways available in the Australian labour market and access support with looking for a job.

By integrating this information into one central platform, Australians can access reputable information and transparent employment and education intelligence. This supports workers to reskill or transition into new areas of employment, by providing clear information about pathways and training options.

If you’re a career adviser assisting others with their career development, there is a range of career guidance resources and information available on Your Career. To ensure people have the tools and support to manage their own career, quality career guidance has never been more important or valuable.

Your Career includes creative resources and articles help to provide valuable guidance, advice and support to help young people and adults make informed career decisions.

Take your next step with

Enhanced Support for School Leavers

To empower school leavers to make informed decisions about their future, the Australian Government announced the Enhanced Support for School Leavers measure in October 2020.

Available until early 2022, this measure is designed to support young people at a pivotal moment in their lives and enable them to navigate their next steps more easily after school.

The School Leavers Information Kit (SLIK) provides information about training and employment options and available services that school leavers can access to get information and advice on potential education, training and work options.

The Parents and Guardians Guide for School Leavers summarises the resources and information available in the SLIK, to help parents support their children in exploring the education, training and work options available for school leavers.

School leavers are encouraged to call the School Leavers Information Service on 1800 CAREER (1800 227 337) for tailored careers advice and guidance, including the opportunity for a free personalised career guidance session with a qualified career practitioner.

A translating and interpreting service (TIS National) is available by calling 13 14 50 (cost of a local call). The TIS can translate the School Leavers Information Kit or help you call the School Leavers Information Service. Ask TIS National to call the School Leavers Information Service on 1800 CAREER (1800 227 337).

Australian Jobs

To help with a post-COVID job market recovery process, the NSC has developed a range of information, resources, and tools to support job seekers during this unprecedented time. Another initiative has been to identify occupations that have remained resilient despite the broader impact of COVID-19.

An occupation is considered resilient if it has positive employment growth prospects as Australia’s labour market recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

Further information on resilient occupations can be found in the NSC’s  Australian Jobs Report.

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