Open Government in Action

| September 26, 2016
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26 September to 2 October 2016 is Right to Know Week, brought to you by the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC). Right To Know Day on 28 September is an international annual event to increase awareness of citizen’s rights to access government information and open, transparent government.

The themes for this year’s campaign are ‘Open Government in Action’, exploring the concept that having more access to data increases accountability, and ‘You Have a Right to Know’, explaining that citizens have a legal right to access information from NSW Government and agencies.

One example of Open Government in action in NSW is the open data catalogue DATA NSW, which allows the public to discover and request access to NSW Government data.

The IPC encourages all NSW public sector agencies, local councils and entities regulated by the GIPA Act to register as a Right to Know Champion of open data and open government and get involved in the Right to Know Week campaign.

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