• Artificial Intelligence

    On the brink of the singularity

    Alan Stevenson |  May 25, 2022

    The increasing sophistication of hardware and software to augment our capabilities is beginning to blur the boundaries between man and machine, raising a host of physical possibilities and ethical questions.

  • Environment

    After the floods

    Cecilia Duong |  May 25, 2022

    While populations around the globe have dealt with the effect of floods for millennia, climate change is now bringing bigger and more extreme storms and flood events to Australia.

  • International

    The battle for ideas will shape new global order

    Stephen Nagy |  May 25, 2022

    The world has a choice to make between the freedom and democracy offered by the West and the aggressive authoritarianism of Russia and China.

Latest Story

  • Unglitching the matrix

    Open Forum     |      May 21, 2022

    New research from Monash University offers a new approach to help predict vulnerabilities in software code and strengthen cybersecurity.

  • 50 shades of teal

    James Murphy     |      May 20, 2022

    The independent “teal” candidates have shaken up the 2022 Australian election campaign, but there are plenty of idiosyncrasies among these blue-green candidates in socially progressive but liberal held seats.

  • Not even the end of the beginning

    William Leben     |      May 20, 2022

    84 days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – the latest and most bloody act in a long running war against its neighbour – Vladimir Putin’s plans appear to be in tatters but previous wars caution against premature conclusions of victory.

  • Decoupling the minimum wage and inflation

    Mark Humphery-Jenner     |      May 20, 2022

    A 5% increase in the minimum wage has emerged as a point of difference in the election campaign, but there may be no need to link the minimum wage to inflation.

  • Don’t be surprised if there’s no election surprise

    Murray Goot     |      May 19, 2022

    The Coalition hopes that turning ‘undecided’ voters its way in the final few days of the campaign will pull a victory from the fire, but there is little history of this happening in the past.

  • Who is Scott Morrison?

    Michelle Grattan     |      May 19, 2022

    Scott Morrison’s cynical, aggressive, self-serving leadership proved the Coalition’s secret weapon in the last election campaign, but the same qualities have made him a liability in this one.

  • Who is Anthony Albanese?

    Paul Strangio     |      May 19, 2022

    Anthony Albanese has spent a lifetime in politics without making an impression on the public, and if Labor wins the election, it will be despite his gaffes, rather than because of his low-profile leadership.

  • Brainstorm not group think

    Sabrina Habib     |      May 18, 2022

    As automation and artificial intelligence encroaches ever further on the world of work, human creativity is more important than ever and companies can use a range of approaches to maximising the group production of ideas – including GAP’s Second Track process.

  • Disaster resilience should be an election issue

    Markus Höllerer     |      May 18, 2022

    After three years of fires and floods, the federal election should have offered an opportunity to promote plans for improving national disaster governance and resilience.

  • State of play

    Paul Williams     |      May 18, 2022

    Six experts analyse the state of play between the two main parties across the country as the federal election campaign nears its climax this weekend.

  • Learning defence lessons from Ukraine

    Peter Jennings     |      May 17, 2022

    The West refused to accept Ukraine into NATO, sell it arms to defend itself, or fight by its side against the Russian invasion, but now the Western powers, including Australia, are learning valuable lessons in winning a modern war against a major opponent.

  • Managing Australia’s software security threat

    Sarah Sloan     |      May 17, 2022

    As our world becomes increasingly digitised and connected, attacks on software supply chains are only set to increase, particularly by hostile nations such as Russia and China on defence and security contractors.