• America

    Arvanitakis on American politics: The debates on free speech

    James Arvanitakis |  July 24, 2021

    Freedom of speech is a foundation of modern democracy, but arguments over its boundaries and effects continue to rage, not least in the United States where concerns over Donald Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud and the influence of social media platforms continue to reverberate.

  • Human Interest

    Marriage for the modern age

    Alan Stevenson |  July 24, 2021

    Although societies around the world have diverged and changed radically over the ages, marriage has remained a constant theme. Given our lengthening life expectancies, are further reforms required?

  • Coronavirus

    It is a race, and we’re falling behind

    Open Forum |  July 24, 2021

    Like the Olympics, Australia’s fight against the virus is a competition, and we’re starting to fall badly behind, not least in terms of vaccinations.

Latest Story

  • Australian COVID-19 research review reveals gaps in collaboration

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2021

    Researchers are calling for improved national coordination of Australian COVID-19 trials, after analysis of efforts in 2020 found a lack of data sharing and collaboration left crucial research gaps.

  • Offering patients informed choices could reduce low-value care

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2021

    Patients often demand treatments that are inappropriate or of little value, but walking them through the risks and benefits of each approach can help them understand why some options are not worth the risk or cost.

  • Using AI to predict hospital costs in real time

    Jinghui Liu     |      July 19, 2021

    Hospitals only know how much a patient costs once they’ve gone home, making it difficult to plan spending efficiently, but predictive algorithms can estimate costs soon after diagnosis.

  • Changing the chatter on body image

    Open Forum     |      July 18, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on people struggling with body image issues and eating disorders. A world-first chatbot has been launched in collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation to provide much-needed support to those who are struggling.

  • The devil is in the details

    Philip Almond     |      July 17, 2021

    The Devil personifies the “evil” within all of us, and so always has new domains, new territories, and new borders in which he “walks about, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.

  • Robot farms – delight or disaster?

    Open Forum     |      July 17, 2021

    As agriculture heads down the path of increased automation, an international researcher argues robots on farms could create both an ideal, eco-friendly farming culture or an environmentally disastrous scenario where big machines push humans and wildlife alike off agricultural land.

  • A closer look at foreign policy research

    Danielle Cave     |      July 17, 2021

    The best research think tanks produce is often work no one will fund. If it breaks new ground it’s often difficult to convince potential funders of its merit.

  • Engineers should study ethics as well as maths

    Lucy Marshall     |      July 16, 2021

    The Miami apartment collapse is a grim reminder of why engineering matters, and why comprehensive education in ethics should be embedded in the training of engineers.

  • Boosting Australia’s foreign policy research

    Danielle Cave     |      July 16, 2021

    In a precarious and fast-changing world, there are several opportunities for Australia to improve the policy advice generated by our vibrant small think-tank sector.

  • The global scourge of ransomware

    Rachael Falk     |      July 15, 2021

    The ongoing ransomware attacks that continue to strike unabated around the world must act as a red flag. And, because we’ve been warned, we need a plan to deal with them.

  • Believe in tomorrow

    Alan Stevenson     |      July 15, 2021

    Many things which once appeared impossible are now commonplace. Despite the many challenges with which we are faced, we should have faith that humanity can take a great leap forward to triumph over them – and our self doubts.

  • Doing good, feeling bad, getting better

    Open Forum     |      July 15, 2021

    Social entrepreneurs are driven by a tenacity that goes beyond revenue and profit, but the difficult problems they face means their own mental health and wellbeing can be threatened.