• #StandwithUkraine

    Peace through strength not surrender

    Justin Bassi |  June 16, 2024

    The free world must give Ukraine the capabilities it needs to fight against Russia and help give them something to fight for.

  • Culture

    The proper study of man

    Matthew Sharpe |  June 16, 2024

    The term ‘humanism’ has meant many things over the ages, and understanding its evolution offers insight into both the history of philosophy and the

  • China

    Meeting the challenge of communist China

    Michael Pezzullo |  June 16, 2024

    The problem of dealing with a belligerent communist China is the geopolitical challenge of the age. Its favourable resolution will open the door to global amity. The alternative is enduring global instability, confrontation, and the risk of a major war in the Pacific, fought with nuclear weapons standing ready on a hair trigger.

Latest Story

  • Rediscovering Latin America, Australia’s Neglected Region

    Antonio Castillo     |      November 19, 2009

    Latin America rarely features in the Australian political and economic landscape. This has been recognised at the highest level of the Australian political machine. Minister for Trade, Simon Crean, has acknowledged that too little had been done in the past to engage with Latin America and Foreign Affairs minister Stephen Smith has spoken of a “neglected region.”

  • Butt out youth smoking

    Sheryle Moon     |      November 19, 2009

    The Federal Government has set an ambitious target for Australia to be the healthiest country in the world by 2020. According to the Preventative Health Taskforce, decreasing the number of teenagers who smoke is one of the top priorities.

  • Legitimising Social Media for Business

    iggypintado     |      November 18, 2009

    Last month, Jen Bishop, the innovative editor of Dynamic Business magazine, Australia’s largest subscription magazine for small business sent a tweet on Twitter asking people who they would most like to see featured in their November issue. She contacted me shortly afterwards and we met for a coffee meeting interview.

    This month, I’m not only featured in an article in the magazine, I also made the front cover.

    Aside from being humbled by the honour, profile and exposure, in my mind it’s also resulted in three great outcomes for social media and business:

  • God save the Queen, or not?

    Fiona Marsden     |      November 17, 2009

    You have to love Australia. It’s taken the tenth anniversary to re-ignite the question of whether ‘the lucky country’ should become a republic; and the flame isn’t exactly burning bright.

  • The Power of Words

    Greg Mundy     |      November 17, 2009

    The Beatles gave old age a number and an enduring image when they wrote “When I’m 64…” more than 40 years ago.

  • A Puzzle in Search of Some Solutions

    Melissa Sweet     |      November 17, 2009

    Recently, I amused myself by compiling a “Who Am I?” puzzle.

    Here are the clues:

    • I was once the powerful gatekeeper of knowledge; but not any more.

    • Others, who don’t have my qualifications or experience, are taking over what was once my kingdom. Some days it feels as if everyone thinks they can do what I do.

    • Some of us are excited by the ‘new world order’; others are threatened, and either advancing into battle or retreating.

    • Critics think I’ve become way too close to society’s powerful institutions and interests, and way too removed from those I should be serving.

    • A popular stereotype holds that I am arrogant, overly concerned with my own interests, and remote from the impact of my work. I, on the other hand, think that most people have no idea how difficult and demanding my job can be.

  • Fast Living: Slow Ageing

    katem     |      November 16, 2009

    One day, at the age of 40 I woke up and realised I was well and truly glued to a ratwheel and couldn’t get off. I was fast living and fast ageing. Life was going so quickly and I was peddling furiously to keep up. 

  • Jackson Jive Response Part 2: It’s only a joke, right?

    Ceredwyn     |      November 16, 2009

    Mining is a rich industry, but mining towns are often fairly poor.

    Jobs can vanish quickly, and not everyone can be a miner in any case, when i was a kid women didn’t get mining positions with any regularity. My careers teacher told me I would be a secretary, then pregant, then married, so why bother with tertiary education (I wanted to be a park ranger or a ninja turtle, possibly at the same time).

  • Why Live Sheep Exports when Viable Alternative?

    Jessica Borg     |      November 15, 2009

    New evidence demonstrates that a phase out of the cruel live sheep export trade is possible; and that replacing it with chilled meat exports would have positive long-term impacts on the Australian economy.

    So why does the live export industry continue to maintain that the trade is essential to Australia?

  • Moti awaits stay of proceedings

    Susan Merrell     |      November 11, 2009

    Last Friday, 6 November 2009, the Brisbane Supreme Court took final submissions in an application for a stay of proceedings in the Julian Moti case. 

  • Till death do us part … but we’re keeping God out of it

    Fiona Marsden     |      November 11, 2009

    Tying the knot may be back in fashion — Bureau of Statistics figures say 2008 was Australia’s biggest year for marriage since 1989 — but fewer people are choosing to recite their vows within the context of an organised religion. October 2009 figures from the NSW Attorney-General show around 17,000 civil weddings compared with 9,000 religious weddings for the year to date; a continuation of a trend that’s been growing since civil nuptials first outnumbered religious ceremonies in 2002.

  • ACCAN Seminar on Responsive Regulation and Policy

    Allen Asher     |      November 6, 2009

    Consumers believe that regulators are often indifferent to their concerns or at least slow to respond. Regulators think that consumers fail to justify their calls for action or base them on anecdotes.