• Society

    Labor flunks its test on environmental protection

    Euan Ritchie |  April 19, 2024

    Labor’s failure to fulfill its election promise to reform Australia’s much flaunted environmental protection laws puts their goals of “no new extinctions” and a “nature positive” future for Australia at risk.

  • Culture

    Express your enthusiasm

    Nathan Abrams |  April 19, 2024

    Over its 12 seasons and 120 episodes, Curb Your Enthusiasm became a cult classic, leaving a lasting legacy on television comedy and cementing Larry David’s position as one of the greatest comedy writers of our time.

  • Business

    An eye on Indigenous business

    Michelle Evans |  April 19, 2024

    Indigenous owned and run businesses may be worth billions of dollars to the Australian economy, but despite new research into their scope and activities, we still don’t know enough about them.

Latest Story

  • A day of quiet contemplation

    Douglascomms     |      April 25, 2009

    ANZAC day is a commemoration, and not a celebration.

    6.45 am –  My little girl comes out into the kitchen and asks me what I'm doing.

    "Making ANZAC Biscuits," I say.

    So far so good…

    She sits up at the table and rubs her eyes.

    "Why do we celebrate ANZAC Day Mum?"

    Oh dear, there's that word again. It's the word that causes arguments in my house every 25th of April. Celebrate…

    "Darling, we don't celebrate ANZAC Day, on ANZAC Day we commemorate the terrible things that happen in wars, and remember the people who die in wars."

    She's quiet for a while, I think I've escaped.

    "So ANZAC Day is a special day because Australians did something special on ANZAC Day?"

    Oh oh, here we go, this is the bit that I just can't lie to her about.

  • Some observations on the NHHRC’s Interim Report

    Just Stoelwinder     |      April 24, 2009

    A social insurance model, based on the principles of the recent Dutch healthcare system reform, might be an answer to fixing Australia's health. 

  • China’s quest for resources

    Warren Reed     |      April 23, 2009

    When it comes to undertanding our resource exports, Australia has a patchy perspective.


    Banner headlines like ‘China’s bid for nuclear supplies: Australian uranium sought’ (The Sydney Morning Herald, April 22) attract a lot of attention these days.

    Most Australians react positively, recognising the benefits for our national accounts at a time of global economic stress. Understandably, the issue of Chinese ownership of key resource deposits is raised in the next breath. Nothing wrong with that, though it’s usually to the exclusion of reporting and debate on the broader China picture. Regardless of what we sell to that country, there’s much more to what China’s doing than just our relationship with it.

  • The Code: Principles to Underpin a National Regulatory Framework for the Financial Sector

    patrickcallioni     |      April 22, 2009

    Having asserted Australia financial sector needs a new regulatory framework, Patrick Callioni looks at the how we might begin. 

  • Tweeting for Good

    sally.rose     |      April 21, 2009

    Philanthropy needs a cool image, and if Hugh Jackman can help build that, then more power to him.

  • Mixed Results for UN Millenium Goal 2: Achieving Universal Primary Education

    joelkatz     |      April 20, 2009

    While considerable progress has been made in the rapidly developing emerging markets, other poorer regions aren’t doing so well.

    As we hit the midway point to the 2015 deadline for the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), for MDG 2, the results are patchy. While considerable progress has been made in the rapidly developing emerging markets, such as Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and East Asia, other poorer regions aren’t doing so well. Sub-Sahara Africa lags far behind other developing countries in its efforts to achieve universal primary education, and South Asia is also seriously off track to meet its target before 2015. Also, there’s a disturbing trend, particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa and India, where boys have much higher enrolment rates than girls. 

  • Uncategorised

    Blogger-in-Chief’s Column

    editor     |      April 17, 2009
    • NATIONAL BROADBAND REFORM: A major hindrance to the effectiveness of government-run public consultations is that most of us often have no idea just how much we actually care until it's too late. A new blog by Sally Rose »»
  • Plea from a social pariah

    Fiona Marsden     |      April 16, 2009

    Just because a girl’s not getting on, it is no reason to go getting on her case about it. 

    I don’t know about you, but as I get older and (hopefully!) make more discerning life choices, I’m beginning to be defined as much by the things I reject, as the things I embrace.

    This is particularly obvious in the ‘social freeze’ I encounter when I opt out of pursuits that many Aussies treat with a near-sacred reverence… such as social drinking. Like many others, I did my share of joyfully mindless drinking in my 20s; knocking back waaaay more than I should have, yet escaping with nothing worse than a half-day hangover and the bragging rights it endowed.

    By my mid-30s, things began to change. Having more than one or two drinks produced a rather unpleasant reaction – a heartbeat so fast that I couldn’t get to sleep for hours afterwards.

  • Has the Share Market Hit Bottom?

    Katrina Wybrow     |      April 15, 2009

    A good risk is still a risk, which is why you should consider capital protection.

  • A New Model of Finance Regulation

    patrickcallioni     |      April 14, 2009

    How would The United States of America score under a Financial Markets Risk Index?

  • Head in the Clouds about Privacy

    Robin McKenzie     |      April 13, 2009

    Cloud computing is bringing privacy out of dark corners of cuckoo land and into the daylight where it belongs.   

  • Filtering out the NBN

    Gary Looney     |      April 12, 2009

    You would not be alone if agreeing to some extent with many views given on filtering.