• Neuroscience

    Trust your instincts

    Alan Stevenson |  February 29, 2024

    We’re surrounded by technology and spend decades honing our intellects at school and university but intuition – the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning – remains a powerful force in our lives, and can sometimes even be a life saver.

  • Space

    Back to the Moon

    David Flannery |  February 29, 2024

    Late last week, the American company Intuitive Machines, in collaboration with NASA, celebrated “America’s return to the Moon” with a successful landing of its Odysseus spacecraft.

  • Climate Change

    The heat is on

    Open Forum |  February 29, 2024

    Temperatures in Sydney are tipped to reach 35 degrees today, and Australia’s Climate Council is warning that the nation’s capitals will endure twice as many days over 35 as they used to unless effective action is taken on global warming.

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    What governments should do

    patrickcallioni     |      September 9, 2008

    An independent judiciary, a strong civil society and an effective bureaucracy are far more important to social stability and economic development than the application of Jeffersonian, Hamiltonian or Westminster principles.

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    The Fatherhood Revolution

    Warwick Marsh     |      September 9, 2008

    In spite of what radical feminists may say about the ills of patriarchy, involved and loving fathers are foundational for the development of healthy children and strong families.

    Father’s Day is being celebrated in Australia with a renewed sense of vigour and excitement. Fathers and children are appearing in more advertisements. Print media are running father-friendly stories along with both TV and radio. These days restaurants are booked out for Father’s Day as well as Mother’s Day.

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    Anwar is as “Anwar” does

    kimlau     |      September 8, 2008

    He used to be one of them, but now he says he isn’t. Should we trust the man with the goatee? Kimberley Lau ponders over Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and his claim to power.

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    Enabling Life: the big decision

    Stuart Hill     |      September 8, 2008

    Until we change our values, we will continue to make our planet less and less able to support life, including our own and those who follow us.

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    Lost in Commerce

    foggy     |      September 6, 2008


    1 "The road past Murree was smoother than a few years ago, and the monkeys were still sitting on the road when we passed through Ayubia National Park. The smell of pine was in the air …

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    No Fee: No See

    sally.rose     |      September 5, 2008

    When should local councils interfere with the operations of their contractors? When it's a matter of child safety.

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    Paper up the cracks. Undesirables coming through

    Susan Merrell     |      September 5, 2008

    McCain's cynical choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate illustrates how manipulable vested interest think women are. Don't fall for it!

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    Graffiti is an urban scourge

    malcolm.kerr     |      September 4, 2008

    Despite numerous law and order programs, graffiti continues on its dark and dirty path.

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    Virtualisation Technologies: Coping with Constant Change

    Open Forum     |      September 4, 2008

    The continued convergence of technologies for security, information management and compliance will make possible a new level of automation for IT – and organisations will be looking to IT to guide them through the process.

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    How Regulators Can Learn From Business

    Joe Tripodi     |      September 3, 2008

    Working with business, rather than over the top of them, reduces costs to government, encourages private sector expertise and contributes to economic growth.

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    The importance of numbers

    Anne Summers     |      September 2, 2008

    It is now commonplace to see women ministers on the nightly news discussing carbon emissions trading schemes, health funding, Indigenous issues and all of the other big policy areas of our time. 

    Women have a new authority that emphasizes the competence they have always had, but not always been allowed to exercise.

  • The Rise of Russia and the next “American Century”

    Matthew Tukaki     |      September 1, 2008

    Have we really seen the end of the "American Century"? Have we entered the "Chinese Century" as our leaders would have us believe? Should we ignore that biting bear nipping at our knees?

    Have we really seen the end of the "American Century"? Have we entered the "Chinese Century" as our leaders would have us believe? Should we ignore that biting bear nipping at our knees?