Placing Emotional Fitness at the forefront of innovation

| January 13, 2017

Emotional Fitness is the latest core competency for recruiting and retaining talent. Linda Simonsen from FuturePeople explains.

Innovation is not driven solely by technology, but just as much by new thinking, ideas and approaches.

FuturePeople recently attended GR’s Asia Pacific Awards in Singapore, where we won the ‘Most Innovative Recruitment Firm’ award. The award is a timely one, given our recent transition from a recruitment firm to an engagement specialist partner for forward-thinking companies.

In today’s increasingly digitalised and always-on world, Emotional Fitness is the latest core competency for recruiting and retaining talent. With increasing demand for human ‘touch points’ in customer service, Emotional Fitness is rapidly placing IQ and technical skills as an indicator of talent.

Emotional Fitness refers to an individual’s capacity to bounce back from emotionally challenging situations at work and engage meaningfully with others. It’s about how emotions drive the behaviours and engagement levels of both employees and leaders.

This year we will help organisations locally and globally enhance the Emotional Fitness of their employees and leaders. At the same time, we will place engagement high on the agenda, encouraging businesses to join the dots between highly engaged employees, higher customer advocacy and enhanced business growth.

In 2017, we will continue to innovate through in-depth research and adaptive technologies, driving higher employee and customer engagement through our Heartonomics™ and Emotional Fitness methodologies. If you would like to find out more about Emotional Fitness and FuturePeople’s Recruit, Train and Develop programs for employees and leaders, I invite you to email me.