Russia’s way out – Putin must go

| April 1, 2022

Things have not exactly gone to plan for Putin’s subjugation of Ukraine. Whilst his military can reduce the infrastructure of Ukraine to rubble across the entire country, given sufficient time, he is at the same time creating cover for Ukrainian fighters to hit back from.

The USA and EU Nations have however failed to up the stakes in the best way forward to ending the war. Alex Konanykhin, a Russian American businessman, has guaranteed to pay a $1 million reward for the arrest of Putin and for him face war crimes charges in the Hauge. The West should sweeten that reward, add an additional $100 million, paid in rubles, as that would be a cheap expenditure to see the war end.

I would suggest Putin may well become personally a little nervous. If reports that Putin’s military leadership are avoiding telling Putin the tactical situation and the butchers bill of Russian losses, a significant bounty guaranteed to be paid for Putin to be arrested, and turned over to the EU, dead or alive, may just be the way to end this war.

I say dead or alive because, Putin may choose to resist arrest, and let us face it, a corpse can oft times be a lot less energetic in its resistance to unwanted travel plans. Whilst I do not want to advocate an assassination – well, okay I would not mind – dreadful things have always happened around Putin. So, an assassination of Putin would not be a surprise.

I do strongly suggest that regime change is vital for the Russian people as well as Ukraine. In this instance I agree with Joe Biden, whatever way he tries and fails to back track to appease the diplomats out of artillery range inside the White house.

Putin must not continue to lead Russia for everyone’s sake.