• Multilateralism à la carte

    Carsten Bockemuehl     |      December 18, 2020

    Much has been written about the changing international order and the ‘crisis’ of multilateralism in recent months. The winds of change have been howling, and it’s time for Australia to step up to the challenge.

  • Going big and bold in the South Pacific

    Jeffrey Wall     |      September 23, 2020

    Australia should look at big and bold projects that enhance our influence and assist Pacific nations in key areas at a time when they are sorely tested in economic, social and strategic terms.

  • COVID-19 and Australian aid in the Pacific

    Terence Wood     |      August 24, 2020

    Above and beyond the COVID crisis, if Australia really wants to help the Pacific, it needs to be a global citizen. Australia can afford to increase its aid budget as aid currently represents less than one per cent of federal spending.

  • This is not the time for Australia to reduce its aid to PNG and the South Pacific

    Jeffrey Wall     |      July 30, 2020

    Australia needs to assure the people in our region that we are not neglecting them despite our own massive fiscal and economic challenges due to COVID-19.

  • Australian aid should take account of global mega-trends

    Claire Rogers     |      October 31, 2019

    The developing world is being shaped by five mega-trends which our political leaders must acknowledge to make the most of our tremendous potential to make the world a better place.

  • Aid must cover more than infrastructure

    Terence Wood     |      August 24, 2019

    Improving Pacific infrastructure will help the region’s development, but a wider range of aid is required to help Pacific islands make the most of their potential.

  • Cricket balls and “shadow values”

    Benjamin Day     |      May 7, 2019

    Like the Cameron Bancroft and Steven Smith ball tampering scandal, Australia’s foreign aid spending exemplifies the disconnect between our rhetoric and the reality of who we are and what we value as a nation.

  • Making aid work

    Stephanie Copus-Campbell     |      November 19, 2018

    We should not accept a continued lack of progress across the Pacific as the norm. Instead, we should all agree that it’s possible to create a partnership that delivers large-scale change and remain committed and vigilant in ensuring this happens.

  • Australia’s Pacific funding requires a dedicated agency

    Alan McCormack     |      November 17, 2018

    If Australian policymakers want to get serious about integrating regional development assistance projects into the national security policy objectives, they should establish a dedicated agency.

  • Why Australia’s aid is a key soft-power asset

    Dane Moores     |      November 8, 2018

    An expanded program to reduce poverty and encourage human development in our region would multiply the positive outcomes of Australian aid and improve Australia’s standing and influence in the world.

  • Should Australia use blockchain to track humanitarian aid?

    Melissa Liberatore     |      April 27, 2018

    The use of blockchain ledgers to keep track of aid donations could make its delivery more efficient and ensure help reaches the people who need it.

  • Aid, influence and ‘strategic anxiety’ in the Pacific

    Nicola Baker     |      April 21, 2018

    Australia is concerned about China’s increased engagement with the South Pacific. However, while Australia does have a long history of fretting about great-power intrusion into the region, its concerns may also be influenced by alliance considerations.