• Australia deserves a better debate and 5 ‘quick wins’ for ‘wicked’ problems

    Open Forum     |      March 3, 2018

    Australia21 urges politicians to embrace evidence based policy making and engage in constructive discussion of more effective strategies to address inequality, trauma related stress, illicit drugs, the future of work and climate change.

  • Paid Parental Leave for foster and kinship parents

    Kylie Cutting     |      January 19, 2018

    A gap in the Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme means that foster and kinship parents are ineligible for payments. Foster carer and PPL advocate Kylie Cutting explains how extending the scheme could leader to better outcomes for vulnerable children.

  • Inter-country adoption – a decade of decline

    Nigel Holden     |      December 12, 2017

    Inter-country adoption has become an increasingly challenging pathway to parenthood for Australians. Fewer adoptions, longer waiting periods, and a greater percentage of children with complex and special needs are now the norm. Adoption advocate Nigel Holden shares his experience of becoming a father through inter-country adoption.