• Australia’s integrated space ecosystem

    Lloyd Damp     |      January 29, 2018

    Our fledgeling Australian space agency will be born into a mix of competing government, university and commercial interests says Lloyd Damp, CEO of Southern Launch. Continuing our history of ‘aiming high’ will ensure that the space agency delivers an enduring and integrated space ecosystem.

  • Prospecting – asteroid mining

    Arunkumar Rathinam     |      January 22, 2018

    It is time to invest in research that focusses on asteroid mining says Arunkumar Rathinam, PhD. Candidate at the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER).

  • Priorities for space

    Frederick Menk     |      January 18, 2018

    After considered discussions with space science and technology colleagues, Professor Frederick Menk shares his perspective on the purpose of a national space agency and how it can best serve Australia.

  • Australia looks to the stars for new industries

    Flavia Tata Nardini     |      January 10, 2018

    Australia is undergoing a huge transformation in its space industry. Co-Founder and CEO of Fleet Space Technologies Flavia Tata Nardini comments on the recent developments.

  • Lessons from the past for a new Australian space agency

    Kerrie Dougherty     |      January 8, 2018

    In light of the government’s national space agency announcement, Kerrie Dougherty reviews Australia’s prior attempts at establishing an agency/space program and the lessons that should be drawn from their failure.

  • Time for a New Space strategy for Defence

    Adam Gilmour     |      December 22, 2017

    Space is opening up commercially and militarily which Adam Gilmour, CEO & Founder of Gilmour Space Technologies, suggests is the perfect time for Australian Defence to look at the capability of home-grown companies for new technologies.

  • Space – the new frontier

    Tara Djokic     |      December 21, 2017

    Life and societies have been shaped by inquisitions into space, shifting our views and indeed our values in an attempt to better understand our world. Tara Djokic from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology discusses the importance of the continued exploration into space.

  • Inspiring a nation with space exploration

    Isabelle Kingsley     |      December 19, 2017

    A national space agency will not only bring economic benefits but it will also inspire the nation with it’s hi-tech vision. Science communicator Isabelle Kingsley considers the broader benefits of a national space agency to Australia.

  • Safe & simple launch access to polar and Sun synchronous orbits

    Lloyd Damp     |      December 18, 2017

    Australia’s path back to space since the launch of WRESAT 50 years ago has been long, but there is again a need for our unique geographical location on the globe. Lloyd Damp, CEO of launch operator Southern Launch, outlines the journey.

  • Looking up to an Australian space agency

    Trevor Ireland     |      December 15, 2017

    Donald Trump wants to go to the Moon – and then onto Mars. Trump recognises that, with space, he is backing a winner. ANU Research School of Earth Sciences’ Professor Trevor Ireland looks at how supporting Australia’s space agency can lead to equally great outcomes for Australia.