• Party on, Santa

    James Lancaster     |      December 25, 2021

    Even the most boisterous Christmas party today pales in comparison with the raucous celebrations of previous eras.

  • Miracles and magic: the dual stories at the heart of Christmas

    Robyn Whitaker     |      December 24, 2021

    Christmas brings together diverse myths and European traditions full of magic, mystery and miraculous activity.

  • Kris Kringles and yuletide jingles

    Kate Burridge     |      December 21, 2021

    Christmas is a time for giving new gifts, but also reminds us of the importance of dusting down old favourites – from decorations stowed in closets to understanding the archaic words and phrases repeated at this time of year.

  • Taking the stress out of Christmas

    Emi Berry     |      November 30, 2021

    The run-up to Christmas can be stressful for a variety of reasons, but you can reduce your stress and make the most of the festive season by applying some of these helpful techniques.

  • How to (sleigh) ride your emotions this Christmas

    Valentina Bianchi     |      December 25, 2020

    Even though it’s been a tough year for many, Christmas can be a good time to be grateful for people or things that you love in life and a chance to look forward to a brighter year ahead.

  • How COVID-safe Santa can save Christmas

    Nathan Grills     |      December 25, 2020

    Given how depressing 2020 has been, Santa’s sleigh run needs to be classified as an essential service, so here is how Mr Claus (and his reindeer) can be a super spreader of goodwill and not COVID-19.

  • The weird world of Christmas traditions

    Hannah Harewood Gould     |      December 29, 2019

    Christmas is over for another year.  How did you celebrate it?  From wrapping presents to decorating a tree, some of the traditions many of us associate with Christmas get their own cultural spin in very different ways around the world.

  • A ghost story for Christmas

    Sally O'Reilly     |      December 22, 2019

    Our fascination with ghostly tales around Christmas time goes back thousands of years and is rooted in ancient celebrations of the winter solstice.

  • God vs mammon at Christmas

    Joshua Newton     |      December 22, 2018

    Shops put a lot of effort into Christmas decorations to associate themselves with the celebration and encourage shoppers to spend but is the overt commercialisation of Christmas drowning out its true spirit?

  • The reality of Christmas for young people in care

    Jason Juretic     |      December 20, 2017

    The end-of-the-year celebration is a festive and happy period for most of us, however, for young people living in Out-of-Home-Care, Christmas may be an unhappy reminder of loss. Jason Juretic, CEO of Stepping Stone House, reveals how each of us can contribute to providing vulnerable young people with a positive Christmas experience.