• Combating nation-state cyber-attacks

    Annalaura Galo     |      August 5, 2021

    Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the range of targets has expanded to include government agencies, the defence industry and critical-infrastructure providers but the most destabilising trend is the surge in cyber operations carried out by nation-states and groups sponsored by governments.

  • Why the fifth domain is different

    Lesley Seebeck     |      September 6, 2019

    Cyber-warfare has joined land, sea, air and space as a domain of global conflict. Rather than continuing to talk about simply operating in the fifth domain, we should be thinking about shaping it, and shaping it to our interests.

  • New mandatory data breach notification laws: What do you need to know?

    Sophie Dawson     |      January 15, 2018

    New Australian and European Union data breach notification laws in 2018 should encourage firms to protect against leaks and help them respond quickly and effectively if breaches do occur. Sophie Dawson, expert on privacy, surveillance, and communication law reviews.

  • Protecting the New Frontier

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      November 30, 2017

    A new GAP taskforce report warns about the vulnerability of Australian businesses to cyber attacks and calls for more research, better education and higher standards to harden Australia against criminal intrusions. GAP managing director Catherine Fritz-Kalish introduces the recommendations.