• Why your vote matters

    Intifar Chowdhury     |      May 15, 2022

    Australian citizens have to vote whether they like it or not, but just as little drops make a mighty ocean, every individual vote contributes a stronger democracy.

  • Australia lost the second debate

    Open Forum     |      May 10, 2022

    Sunday’s ill-tempered ‘debate’ between the leaders vying to be Australia’s next Prime Minister was an unedifying spectacle, and while the winner might be disputed, the loser was undoubtedly the Australian electorate.

  • What happens in a hung parliament?

    Anne Twomey     |      May 8, 2022

    The current election campaign could produce a tight result, so what happens in a Parliamentary system when no party can command an overall majority?

  • Who’s up at half time in the election campaign?

    Mark Kenny     |      May 5, 2022

    Half way through the interminable Australian Federal election campaign, whose stock has risen and who has faltered in the face of the ultimate political challenge?

  • How the Liberals lost the ‘moral middle class’

    Judith Brett     |      May 4, 2022

    The strength of support for the 15 ‘teal’ candidates in once blue ribbon Liberal seats could play a pivotal role in deciding the Federal election.

  • Australia can handle a hung parliament

    Frank Bongiorno     |      April 24, 2022

    An indecisive election in 2022 might produce a better government than a narrow majority in the House of Representatives for one side or the other.

  • Albanese blows week one

    Michelle Grattan     |      April 15, 2022

    A series of gaffes by Labor leader Anthony Albanese have given the Coalition hope that the election isn’t lost yet.

  • Battles at the ballot box

    Zareh Ghazarian     |      April 12, 2022

    While Labor remains ahead in the polls, it would be foolhardy to write off the Coalition from causing yet another unexpected result.

  • How the Coalition can win

    Mark Kenny     |      April 11, 2022

    Scott Morrison proved the Coalition’s secret weapon in the 2019 campaign, but may have become their greatest electoral problem in their pursuit of a repeat.

  • How Labor can win

    Chris Wallace     |      April 11, 2022

    Labor seems well placed to win the election, with a safety first approach avoiding the hostages to fortune it offered the Coalition’s scare campaigns last time.

  • Can we trust the polls this time?

    Adrian Beaumont     |      April 11, 2022

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the federal election for May 21. What do the polls say, and how do we know if they are accurate?

  • Over it v Not up to it?

    Michelle Grattan     |      April 10, 2022

    Scott Morrison has finally called the Australian election but the campaign is set to be fought on low ground as neither major party offers the voters an inspirational agenda.