• We should have been better prepared

    John Graham     |      March 26, 2020

    Had federal and state governments heeded the advice they’ve been given over the past 15 years, Australia would have an established national security hospital in every capital city’s CBD and be much better placed to fight coronavirus.

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – inside our hospitals

    Jennifer Jamieson     |      December 25, 2018

    Christmas sees a spike in admissions to hospital trauma units, but understanding the types of injuries involved could help people take more care and prevent them.

  • The National Emergency Access Target keeps hospitals moving

    Open Forum     |      September 10, 2018

    A UNSW-led study has confirmed for the first time that the implementation of the four-hour National Emergency Access Target has helped reduce chronic overcrowding in hospital emergency departments.

  • Hospital hand hygiene may be worse than reported

    Open Forum     |      July 9, 2018

    Hospital staff pay dramatically less attention to hand hygiene when they feel no one is watching, a new study reveals. The research suggests government reported compliance rates are overstated.

  • Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association release new report

    Emma Johnson     |      December 16, 2017

    To achieve a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system, AHHA is recommending that Australia reorientate the healthcare system over the next 10 years by enabling outcomes‑focused and value-based healthcare. Read the full report here.