• International round-up

    Alexandra Pascoe     |      November 12, 2020

    Trump’s defeat may have dominated the headlines over the last seven days, but several other stories – including China’s attempts to bully Australia through import restrictions and a series of brutal Islamic terror attacks in Europe – are worthy of careful review.

  • Journalism is in crisis but public funding could help

    Margaret Simons     |      August 1, 2019

    The recent ACCC report argues that journalism is a public good in crisis, and so there is ample justification for government action.

  • There’s no saving traditional news

    Amanda Lotz     |      July 31, 2019

    Understanding the forces that drive the online economy is crucial for Australia’s policy makers and citizens.  Economic reality means that while we can put a leash on Google and Facebook, there’s no saving the traditional news model.

  • Fake news and weaponised media

    Graeme Dobell     |      July 3, 2018

    Media shams and shonky shamans are nothing new; going digital merely speeds the effect and widens their reach.