• Riding the big wave

    Adrian Esterman     |      January 15, 2022

    Modelling used by the NSW government suggests up to half the state’s population will contract omicron in the present wave, so what figures should we follow to show when the worst is over?

  • Australia stumbles through omicron

    Michelle Grattan     |      January 15, 2022

    Politicians across the country have been hit for six by the speed and severity of the Omicron outbreak, and hopeful rhetoric has proved no substitute for proper preparations and effective measures.

  • People make the world go round

    Jim Stanford     |      January 13, 2022

    Australians are getting a stark reminder about how value is actually created in an economy, and how supply chains truly work.

  • Time for a U turn on COVID?

    Open Forum     |      January 11, 2022

    OzSAGE experts have called on Australian governments to tackle the current COVID crisis by delaying the return to face-to-face schooling, and reinstating necessary infection mitigations and financial supports.

  • Covid booms as Christmas looms

    Open Forum     |      December 22, 2021

    With Christmas just days away, COVID-19 cases are hitting never before seen peaks across the country while restrictions are easing in many parts of the country. In this extended article, Australian experts comment on the current situation and what we can do to stay safe this holiday season.

  • Ominous Omicron

    Open Forum     |      November 28, 2021

    Just as the pandemic seemed to be over, a new variant has emerged from South Africa to spark a wave of concern and new travel restrictions around the world.