• Australia’s healthy health sector

    Open Forum     |      April 24, 2024

    New research from the Productivity Commission has found Australia’s healthcare system delivers some of the best value for money of any in the world.

  • Australia’s productivity problem

    Open Forum     |      March 1, 2024

    A new report from the Productivity Commission shows that labour productivity fell sharply in 2022-23, as a record-breaking increase in hours worked failed to generate a similar increase in economic output.

  • Seizing Australia’s AI opportunity

    Open Forum     |      February 2, 2024

    New research from the Productivity Commission finds that artificial intelligence could significantly boost Australia’s productivity if governments implement well-directed policy and regulation.

  • Boosting productivity

    Open Forum     |      March 20, 2023

    Reforms to revitalise Australian productivity will be opposed by vested interests which benefit by exploiting economic inefficiencies for their own gain.

  • Productivity is not a panacea

    Jim Stanford     |      August 29, 2022

    Growth in productivity is a vital dimension of economic success and higher living standards, but it doesn’t automatically deliver them.

  • Unlocking Australia’s productivity paradox

    Adam Triggs     |      November 14, 2018

    Predictions that new technology would unleash the boom in productivity required to increase real wages and create new jobs remain unproven as Australia’s productivity continues to lag behind increases in the past.