• Australia may regulate “high risk” AI

    Lisa Given     |      January 21, 2024

    Ed Husic, the Federal Minister for Industry and Science, has announced the Australian government’s response to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation, pledging to regulate what he terms ‘high risk’ AI.

  • Regulating AI

    Roberto Viola     |      January 16, 2024

    Artificial intelligence will radically transform our societies and economies in the next few year and so the world’s democracies have a duty to minimise the risks this new technology poses through smart regulation, without standing in the way of the many benefits it will bring to people’s lives.

  • Regulating AI

    Julie Inman Grant     |      November 3, 2023

    We have seen extraordinary developments in generative AI over the past 12 months that underline the challenges we face in protecting these rights and principles.

  • Protecting digital democracy

    Mercedes Page     |      September 30, 2023

    Attempts by the United Nations to create multilateral safeguards for the digital world shouldn’t allow brutal dictatorships such as Russia and China to circumscribe free speech to protect their own interests and agenda.

  • National (artificial) intelligence

    Jack Goldsmith     |      September 25, 2023

    Regulating AI to maximise Australia’s national security capabilities and minimise the risks presented to them will require focus, caution and intent.

  • Regulating AI

    Sophie Farthing     |      August 15, 2023

    Regulation was once a dirty word in tech companies around the world but some of the largest players in AI are now asking for controls, if only to cement their own power.

  • Regulating AI

    Harriet Farlow     |      June 13, 2023

    Advanced artificial intelligence technologies are being adopted at an unprecedented pace, and their potential to revolutionise society for good is enormous, but the potential for harm is increasing calls for oversight and regulation.

  • AI regulation would protect big tech, rather than humanity

    Michael Bennett     |      June 3, 2023

    The recent spate of calls to regulate AI from some of the biggest players in the sector are motivated by their desire to protect their market dominance rather than any real concern about the socially disruptive impact of generative AI or the existential threat posed by artificial general intelligence.

  • Can the U.S. Congress regulate A.I.?

    Anjana Susarla     |      June 2, 2023

    The U.S. congress is responding to rising expert and public concern over the potential of AI to change society, although the effectiveness of such measures – even if they were replicated around the world – remains open to question.

  • Unleash innovation to fight COVID-19

    Elise Thomas     |      April 2, 2020

    Amid the darkness of the Covid-19 pandemic, the energy of people around the world who are working together to find solutions is a bright spark. Governments and regulators can catch that spark and magnify it to help light a way out of this crisis.

  • When guard dogs become pets – The problem of ‘regulatory capture’

    Richard Holden     |      February 18, 2019

    The fallout from Australia’s recent banking scandals raise a wider question – Do our regulators act in the public interest, or in the interest of those they are meant to regulate?