• Not in my back yard

    Lucy Richardson     |      May 28, 2024

    While public opinion polls show broad support for more action to reduce climate emissions in theory, local opposition to renewable energy schemes continues to grow.

  • Planning for a greener future

    David Amiel     |      December 8, 2023

    Climate policies must move away from a reliance on green taxes and subsidies to enter the age of politics.

  • The road to 2050

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2023

    A new report by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, shows existing technologies will enable Australia to halve emissions by 2030 from 2020 levels, under a rapid decarbonisation scenario led by a renewable electricity sector.

  • Renewable backup power can boost disaster resilience

    Ben Knight     |      October 3, 2023

    Households need more support to implement alternative energy solutions to help manage outages during bushfires and extreme weather events.

  • Russia’s war renews the push for renewables

    Neil Martin     |      August 16, 2022

    Europe’s revulsion of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have accelerated the global transition to renewable energy.

  • Building energy self-reliance

    Open Forum     |      November 12, 2021

    Net zero carbon emissions are within reach for Australian cities if more solar panels are integrated with new buildings and existing structures, according to new modelling.

  • Powering the metaverse

    Karly Winkler     |      November 11, 2021

    Australia could become the renewable energy bank for the Asia-Pacific region, powering the fourth industrial revolution and a new wave of technology and virtual solutions.

  • All the answers on renewable energy

    Neil Martin     |      September 11, 2021

    Everything you ever wanted to know about the way we will ultimately derive all our power from renewable sources, and how quickly it will be achieved.

  • Against the odds

    Fran Baum     |      February 26, 2021

    South Australia is a renewable energy powerhouse. How on Earth did they do it?

  • Super-charged: how Australia’s biggest renewables project will change the energy game

    Elizabeth Thurbon     |      October 30, 2020

    Many Asian nations are shunning fossil fuels, presenting a huge opportunity for Australia’s renewables sector. And one massive project has stepped up to the plate.

  • A roadmap for renewables

    Open Forum     |      September 28, 2020

    Despite the Federal government’s fondness for gas, renewables can still play an important role in Australia’s energy plans for the future.

  • Renewable energy and Australian security

    Xavier Wilks     |      December 16, 2019

    The relationship between energy policy and national security has been overlooked in discussions of Australian renewable energy policy.