• A decade of war in Ukraine

    Andrew Maher     |      February 10, 2024

    The war in Ukraine – dating back to Russia’s illegal seizure of Crimea in 2014 – has a host of lessons for Western nations in terms of combat tactics as well as the need to robustly oppose and defeat power-hungry dictators.

  • No retreat, no surrender

    Elis Vllasi     |      February 2, 2024

    A Western-imposed peace deal in Ukraine which hands Vladimir Putin Ukrainian territory in return for a ceasefire will only feed Russia’s insatiable hunger for land – as it did with Serbia after the Balkan Wars 20 years ago.

  • Ukrainians stand firm in the face of terror

    Gerard Toal     |      January 31, 2024

    Support for Ukraine may be wavering in some Western countries but the people of that country remain resolute in their determination to defeat the enemy without territorial concessions or a loss of sovereignty.

  • Ukraine 2 Russia 0

    Matthew Powell     |      January 20, 2024

    Ukraine is celebrating the downing of two expensive Russian air-control aircraft in recent days, and the subsequent erosion of Russia’s ability to coordinate its air and ground forces, observe and track targets and provide real-time aerial intelligence.

  • Rally round Ukraine

    Colin Chapman     |      January 19, 2024

    The Russian attack on Ukraine was one of the main subjects discussed at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, where President Volodymyr Zelensky was given a warm reception by the democratic world.

  • Ukraine looks forward to 2024

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy     |      January 1, 2024

    Despite increasing Russian savagery and weariness in the West, Ukraine continues to fight for its freedom, and President Zelenskyy continued to inspire resistance in his New Year’s address.

  • Stand fast over Ukraine

    Kenton White     |      December 21, 2023

    Despite massive losses of men and material, Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin continues his assault on Ukraine, confident the resolve, resources and attention of the West will waver over time. This makes it all the more important for the democratic world to redouble its support for Ukraine and ensure the forces of darkness are defeated.

  • Stand with Ukraine

    Matthew Sussex     |      November 23, 2023

    Violence in the Middle East has overshadowed Ukraine’s triumph in crossing the mighty Dnipro river to liberate areas occupied by Russian invaders for a year and a half. This is not the time for the West to get bored or distracted, or, even worse, re-elect the unspeakably awful Putin supporting Donald Trump.

  • Atrocities not tragedies

    Mariana Budjeryn     |      October 9, 2023

    Russia launched an unprovoked attack against Ukraine and its forces continue to commit atrocities against a people it wishes to eradicate from history. Russia bears complete responsibility for these crimes and its dictator, and western apologists, should not evade moral responsibility behind the empty label of “tragedy.”

  • Civil defence to the rescue in Ukraine

    Leonid Polyakov     |      October 8, 2023

    The Russian aggressors have killed, injured, raped and robbed hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, displaced millions of civilians and leveled whole towns but Ukraine’s hard working civil defence has helped its armed forces save the nation from total destruction.

  • Davids v Goliaths

    Peter Rutland     |      August 20, 2023

    The West’s timid failure to back Ukraine encouraged Putin’s imperialist invasion, just as Taiwan’s lack of allies has emboldened Chinese moves against it, but the dismal failure of Russia’s assault may give pause for thought in Beijing.

  • How Ukraine won the social media war

    Brandon Boatwright     |      August 20, 2023

    Russia’s well funded propagandist bots and troll farms proved as ineffective as its lumpen armed forces in the social media war for Western hearts and minds in vital first weeks of Putin’s failed invasion.