• Stand with Ukraine

    Frank Ledwidge     |      May 14, 2023

    The Ukrainian people have shown incredible courage and fortitude in resisting Russia’s barbarous invasion, and are now beginning the drive the invaders back east, so now is the time to redouble the West’s military and diplomatic support and pledge Ukraine’s eventual membership of the EU and NATO.

  • Counterstrike

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 5, 2023

    Russia’s blundering and brutal assault on Ukraine has ground to a halt, but the West must keep arming Ukraine to ensure its plans to counter-attack succeed and drive the Russians from their country.

  • The long war

    Stefan Wolff     |      April 16, 2023

    The West’s continued reluctance to confront Russia’s aggression in Ukraine or give Ukraine the jets, tanks and missiles it needs to destroy the invaders is dooming the country to a long and bloody stalemate.

  • Give Ukraine the ammo to finish the job

    Josep Borrell     |      April 12, 2023

    History and justice are on the side of Ukraine but Europe must accelerate the march of history. Western military support serve the cause of a just peace in Ukraine. It is the right decision and a necessary one.

  • Ecocide in Ukraine

    Robert Patman     |      April 6, 2023

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seen the deliberate destruction of Ukraine’s natural environment as a tactic of war, with no concern paid to their widespread, long-term and severe effects.

  • The war of words

    Olga Maxwell     |      March 30, 2023

    Russia, in its various guises, has been trying to eradicate Ukrainian nationality, culture and language for hundreds of years, but every assault redoubles the commitment of Ukrainians to preserve and defend their language and nationhood.

  • Beauty and the beast

    Brendan Nicholson     |      March 25, 2023

    The bestial cruelty displayed by Russia’s invaders has shocked the world but only deepened Ukraine’s determination to fight for its survival.

  • Darkness and light

    Jessica Genauer     |      March 12, 2023

    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and President Vladimir Putin of Russia represent the best and worst of political leadership, appealing to hope and fear respectively, but both appeal to national sentiments to galvanise support in their respective countries.

  • Rebuilding a united Ukraine

    Erik Herron     |      March 10, 2023

    Russia’s savage invasion aimed to obliterate Ukraine and its people, but has only united them in the desire to defend and rebuild their proud but sorely damaged country.

  • All at sea

    Basil Germond     |      March 6, 2023

    Kyiv has undermined Russia’s naval dominance of the Black Sea by demonstrating innovation and initiative through the use of missiles and drones, leaving Russia’s few remaining warships skulking in port or lobbing missiles at civilians far from the conflict zone.

  • Wartime trauma in Ukraine

    Open Forum     |      March 4, 2023

    The mental anguish inflicted on the people of Ukraine by the Russian invasion will linger long after the invaders are driven from the battlefield.

  • How Ukraine won the war of words

    Piskorska Galyna     |      March 2, 2023

    Russia’s well funded army of internet propagandists have laboured to undermine Western democratic cohesion for years, but wit, intelligence and agility have allowed Ukraine to triumph against their lumpen foe on the internet and social media as well as on the battlefield.