• I came, I saw, I vetoed

    Emma McClean     |      May 2, 2022

    The United Nations is supposed to offer a forum to uphold international law, but the vetos wielded by authoritarian states on the Security Council has rendered it impotent to tackle crises like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • The Liberal Party’s struggles with multilateralism

    Graeme Dobell     |      February 1, 2021

    Although the Liberal Party is a staunch supporter of Australia’s security alliances, its faith in the United Nations has ebbed and flowed over the years.

  • Australia and the U.N.

    Gordon Weiss     |      September 22, 2020

    As the UN’s second secretary-general, Dag Hammarskjöld, famously said, the UN ‘was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell’.

  • Australia fronts up at the U.N.

    Genevieve Feely     |      September 24, 2019

    Although most eyes in Australia have been on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s visit to Washington to meet with US President Donald Trump, it’s not the only game in town.