The Dry July phenomenon continues to gain momentum

| July 4, 2014

Dry July is a fundraiser which challenges you to go booze-free for a month to support adults living with cancer. Brett Macdonald, Dry July co-founder, explains how the initiative is going from strength to strength.

The first Dry July in 2008 started as a challenge amongst our friends to raise funds for our local hospital, but over 1,000 people took part and $257,283 later Dry July was well and truly born. The original idea escalated into what it is today: a non-profit organisation that has raised over $15 million.

It’s difficult to not be blown away by the success we’ve seen at Dry July, and knowing what to attribute it to is tricky. One thing that makes us stand out is that, unlike with a lot of fundraisers, Dry July participants actually enjoy taking part and get something out of it themselves. It gives them the chance to focus on themselves – notice their own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Dry July is a mid-year health check which encourages healthy lifestyle habits and choices – DJs recognise a multitude of benefits themselves such as increased energy levels, a clearer head and clearer skin. All this while also raising funds for an important cause.

We’re also lucky enough to have the continued support of our patron, media personality Adam Spencer. His connection with Dry July is a deep one – he’s been involved since the very start and his help and audience involvement was instrumental in Dry July making the leap from being a group of mates with a dream to a large-scale national fundraiser. Adam is passionate about Dry July and has raised over $130k for us (and counting!) so we are eternally grateful to him.

This year we’re building on the success we’ve seen so far and we’re taking our campaign marketing to the next level. Dry July gives you 31 gloriously hangover-free days so we’re asking ’Imagine what you could achieve without a hangover’! Being booze-free gives you a clear head, increased productivity and endless possibility to achieve something you’ve been putting off for months. So many participants take the opportunity to make lifestyle changes anyway so this year we’re encouraging everyone to make the most of being hangover-free and set a personal goal. In support, we’re embarking on a mission to break as many world records as possible throughout the month.

So far we’ve smashed two world records and for the first time we’ve taken Dry July to the people – on Monday 30th June we made the World’s Largest Smoothie at Customs House Square, Circular Quay in Sydney. The smoothie was a fantastic opportunity for us to thank the people who’ve supported us through the years as well as raising awareness and getting more all-important sign-ups for this year.

So far, this is looking like it’s going to be our most successful year yet – we’ve already surpassed 18,300 participants so we’re looking at a record breaking Dry July. You can join us on the wagon by signing up or make a donation. Thanks for your support!