The missing link to your healthy future

| July 29, 2015

The health and wellness sector has become more holistic and now reaches beyond a doctor’s surgery or chemist counter. Health coach Marla Bozic feels hopeful for our future.

Last week I attended and spoke at a conference of 300 health coaches. From the stage, I could see the future of health and wellbeing in Australia. I was surrounded by people of various ages and backgrounds with one thing in common: they are all dedicated to helping and supporting others to better health and wellbeing.

Health coaches have come a long way: The movement is giving rise to some amazing personalities helping spread the wellness word in their own style and way. Health coaches meet people where they are and help them make the changes they need, rather than just telling them what to do.

The health and wellness sector is expanding to be more holistic and beyond a doctor’s surgery or chemist counter.

Now, I see mothers in my inner circle combining conventional medicine with a personal support team of holistic wellness practitioners like acupuncturists, kinesiologists, and naturopaths. This would have been inconceivable decades ago. Combined with an raising awareness around mindfulness, you can feel the tide changing.

People are taking more responsibility for their own wellbeing and making efforts to understand the plethora of information on nutrition out there. It is becoming more and more mainstream to see kale, quinoa and almond milk grace the menus of our most popular cafes.

Just as hiring a personal trainer is now widespread for those who need motivation and support for fitness, health coaches will fill that role for those who need support to make changes to their diet, mindset and overall lifestyle, and to stick with them.

Finding information is now easy. The missing link is the support to implement this knowledge. Health professionals send patients and clients home with a list of changes and wonder why they can’t do them.

That’s where health coaches will, and do, fill that void.

Because awareness and knowledge aren’t always enough. In my practice, I see parents who need a PLAN and SUPPORT for their family, so that they can make the changes they know need to happen. The need support and ideas to implement changes in the real world, in real situations, like:

  • What to pack for school lunch that won’t end up in the bin?
  • What to make for dinner that will have my child going back for seconds (of veggies)?
  • What foods will make my child thrive, what should we eat more or less of?
  • What’s the deal with Paleo? Are grains and dairy really to be avoided?

This individual help is what families, and individuals looking for change, need.

As a health coach I go into intense detail with my clients to design a sustainable plan that suits their individual circumstances. I’m with them for several months to help them make changes that become new habits.

Is this easy? Nope. Rewarding and worthwhile? Heck yes!

I feel hopeful for our future. I’m genuinely excited to be a pioneer of this movement in Australia and grateful to be a part of amazing group of talented, passionate change makers facilitating healthy living in our world. I’d love to hear what you think! Do you feel the changing of the tide in your pocket of the world?