The re-election of Donald Trump

| November 3, 2020

US election day is upon us. Shops in major American cities are boarding up their windows, while anti-Trump protestors are preparing to storm the streets in the name of reparations, resistance, revolution, or just plain old looting. This is the side-show that has been a regular feature this year.

The tragic collisions of black Americans with police have hogged media attention at the expense of a fair and balanced view of policing. The dubious contexts of each fatal incident have been ignored, as angry people hit the streets each time in an orgy of self-righteous indignation.

Despite his many disavowals of white supremacy and his support of Black American education and employment, Trump is blamed by the Democrats for supporting racism, while the America he upholds is accused of perpetuating systemic racism across the board.

Along with the race card, the Democrats have played the science card, and they claim to understand the true meaning of both. When it comes to pandemics and the climate they are believers in the experts who promote the doom and gloom most useful as weapons against the Trump presidency.

Trump’s many actions to deal with the Coronavirus have been made redundant in the eyes of the media, due to his unwillingness to catastrophise and his desire to promote hope and confidence despite the current dangers. Political expediency is the real reason here, and whatever Trump says and does is immediately shot down as counter-factual and misleading.

For the Democrats, so-called science is opposed to the current administration’s real strides in marshalling American know-how and ingenuity to fight COVID-19. They have refused to take a Trump-sponsored vaccine, potentially condemning thousands who would follow their model of obstinacy. Nor can they accept any dissent on the effectiveness of lock-downs or mandatory masks.

The vision of America that Biden and Harris have been presenting is meant to be an antidote to the so-called evils of Trumpism – insular patriotism, discrimination of outsiders, rapacious success worship, and draconian social values.

The Democratic campaign slogans are crafted to appeal to those who reject the claims of current American greatness, and believe Trump has nurtured the worst of human nature, rather than Lincoln’s “better angels”: They say – Build Back Better, Restore The Soul of America, Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead, Vote Love.

The saccharine sentiment of these slogans are telling. Democrats are desperate to be seen as the morally superior alternative. The ones who truly care. However, Biden and Harris are more compromised by their own past than Donald Trump is by any of his contentious comments.

Biden’s history of association with segregationists and his support of a controversial crime bill were criticised prominently during the Democratic primaries, as were Harris’s own record of discrimination as a state prosecutor and attorney general.

The call for healing that Biden and Harris make is strictly based on the agenda of left-wing ideology and identity politics. They paint the country as a kind of Mordor, under the thrall of the malodorous figure of the populist Trump. Just listen to Biden saying ‘I will be an ally of the light, not the darkness’, and see the use of Hitler footage next to Trump in a recent campaign advert.

The constantly repeated lie that Trump called the white supremacists at Charlottesville ‘fine people’ is a clear example of how Democrats have sworn to absolutely demonise their political enemy. The promise of justice for all, and an end to historical wrongs, is obviously inspiring to many on the left and especially to the young.

However, the explosion of social mayhem we have witnessed by supporters and hangers-on of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the name of ‘restoring the soul of America’ is truly frightening. And after listening to and reading their mindless revolutionary rhetoric, it is hard not to be reminded of other left-wing uprisings throughout the 20th century, in Russia, China, Cambodia and elsewhere.

An unusual thing about this election is the complexity of the issues at stake. On one level there is a straightforward battle for the trust of the ordinary working voter, worried about their immediate well-being and long-term prosperity. Trump presents himself as a charismatic yet pragmatic negotiator who fights in their corner, making policies and deals to unleash the unlimited American potential for success.

Joe Biden and his dynamic sidekick Kamala are the caring reformers who will share the wealth around, while somehow shaping a sustainable economic future designed to leave no-one behind. On a deeper level there is a more abstract battle going on to define the fundamental course of the country.

In this fight Biden and Harris represent a kind of social revolution, overturning the hegemony of greed-based Western Capitalism and its supposed racist underpinnings, in favour of a “tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims”, to quote C.S.Lewis.

In contrast, Trump is seen as a heroic figure taking on the corrupt media, big tech monopolies, and their ‘deep state’ allies who have orchestrated an ongoing cold war against the President – an impeachment based on a bogus dossier, anonymous hit jobs by government insiders, media censorship and discrediting of the President’s authority.

The country itself must be saved from these powerful interests who would enslave America to a globalist agenda that benefits them with wealth, privilege, and power. It is hard not to believe in the validity of this deeper conflict, having seen how the media successfully trivialised and dismissed the ongoing Hunter Biden laptop email revelations, running cover for the Biden campaign and spreading claims of Russian disinformation that have no real evidence to back them up.

President Trump has been campaigning hard, with an incredible passion and energy. On the Sunday before the election, for example, he conducted no less than five rallies in five states, a gruelling schedule that shows he is in it to win it. And the astonishing crowds of thousands at his rallies have also been staunchly supportive.

There is a true affection for the Donald that is expressed in the crowd chanting “We love you!” and that is clearly shared by the President. The mainstream media are certain he is a fascist Svengali, but the overwhelming enthusiasm of Trump’s supporters is something out of the ordinary in an era of distrust for politicians in general.

When this is paired with his clear achievements – in foreign policy, immigration reform, and energy independence, among other things – it is hard to imagine the Republican Party failing to gain a second term. If the lacklustre Biden Harris campaign manages to limp across the line it will be down to fears of the foreign pandemic most of all, and the constant hammering of social unrest in a time of uncertainty.