Tiny house phenomenon

| May 30, 2017

Is there a practical solution to the housing crisis? Safronia Benasic argues that tiny living is the way of the future.

Having somewhere to live is one of the most important aspects to someone’s life. It is your home, where you have the freedom to live with dignity. To be homeless takes away that dignity.

Affordable housing is at crisis and there is a demand for solutions to the problem.

A tiny home is one solution that would decrease the demand of affordable living. These homes come in all shapes, sizes and forms, but they enable simpler living by creating a compact, more efficient space. Homeowners acquire sound fiscal plans because tiny homes are less expensive to build and to maintain.

Tiny Homes Foundation is an Australian charity committed to housing solutions for people who are at risk or are already experiencing homelessness. They offer affordable housing solutions with employment, education and social re-integration initiatives as part of a scalable community project.

Brisbane city council is currently reviewing regulations in the context of alternative housing options.

THOW is the acronym for ‘tiny house on wheels”, which advocates that tiny homes need more attention and support to tackle affordable housing.

Eventually tiny house villages will have a positive impact on the community as a whole. Tiny living is the way of the future and a practical solution to the housing crisis at present.

Integrated living systems are also models that offer new strategies to solve the housing affordability crisis. The focus of this concept aims to respond to the challenges that the elderly, people with a disability and people that have addictions or been incarcerated in the community face. Living in these accommodations allows for ease of access to home care and enable residents to have choice and control over their health. The connection to small living villages seems the perfect way to integrate the homeless back into society. Unemployed residents looking to restart their careers find guidance within these communities to help them get back on the job market.

Tiny homes and integrated living should be seen as possible solutions in addressing the housing crisis.