To you this looks like ordinary Brussels sprouts. To me, it’s karma!

| December 2, 2014

Inspiring our loved ones to eat well is not an easy task. Marla Bozic encourages us to change the world one Brussels sprout at a time.

Let me explain…

Karma exists – here’s how I know. I moved from New York to Australia, 10,000 miles away from home. To make matters worse for my mother, I then had two children! She misses me and the family a lot.

Whilst living in Australia and keeping touch with Mum via phone and email, I learnt that she’d stopped eating veggies (perhaps in quiet protest). I’m not sure if the two events are entirely related, but you must admit, it’s quite curious. What better way to punish your Health Coach daughter than to avoid your veggies!

Brussels sprouts - Marla Bozic

However, the photo above was what my mum sent to me recently. She’s naturally taken a liking to veggies again. For me, it’s proof that gentle encouragement and consistent nudging really works.

Inspiring others in our life to eat well isn’t an easy task. Good habits do not develop overnight but can form with the encouragement from people who really care and are committed to improving your wellbeing, such as parents who do the shopping, prepare fresh food and serve it to the children day after day.

I put this Brussels sprouts challenge to you – I challenge you to continue encouraging your kids, your mums and dads and your BFFs to eat their greens, drink more water, consume less sugar, and exercise regularly because one day you might just wake up to a beautiful photo like this one. I can’t tell you how proud it made me.

Whether you are a health coach, a best friend, a daughter or a parent. We can change this world. One Brussels sprout at a time.

This blog first appeared on Vitamin L and is republished with the permission of the author.