Together we can stop the heartache

| September 9, 2014
Big Heart Appeal logo

This September big-hearted Australians are again invited to help save lives and make research possible by supporting the Heart Foundation Big Heart Appeal.

Heart disease is Australia’s number one killer, taking a life every 26 minutes. You can volunteer to knock on doors in your local area, donate online, raise funds at your workplace, run, cycle, dress red or celebrate with friends.

The Heart Foundation is a charity relying on donation and gifts to fund cardiovascular research, guidelines for health professionals, informing the public and assisting people with cardiovascular disease.

$10 could send a free information booklet to someone in Australia who needs to improve their heart health. $40 could help a researcher isolate blood cells and study clots, which is key to treating heart attack and stroke, and $100 could pay for a DNA test that helps a researcher determine genetic factors for heart disease which could lead to new, innovative treatments.