Top 10 themes from RSA Security Conference as seen by iTnews

| April 27, 2009

For all those Mac fans who think that they are immune from vulnerabilities, think again. 

There is an excellent article on the 2009 RSA Conference at RSA Conference has just ended and the article gives a good, pithy but personal, set of insights on the Top 10 themes that emerged.  The annual RSA conference is widely regarded as one of the best on security issues and draws a huge crowd (up to 16,000 if I recall correctly).

The fifth highest topic in the list is End to End trust.  This is something on which Microsoft has spent some effort & Scott Charney has been debating his thinking with us at the Trustworthy Computing Academic Advisory Board for the last year.  He presented his latest thinking on it at this year's RSA & his background video included 10 seconds of Yours Truly and his views on the matter.  If you want to see more, including 3 minute clips of what a number of us have to say, go to to see more.

The ‘we are so over Cloud Computing’ essence in the Top 10 was inevitable given the rate at which it has been hyped up.  Cloud Computing hasn't gone away as an issue, but let's keep it in perspective.

The remarks in the Top 10 on the card industry’s PCI initiatives are also worth noting in Topic 6.  The card suppliers & banks are yet to feel enough pain to take it seriously it seems.  So far, the approach is too often 'write it off rather than spend to improve security'.  But the message appears to be that the time is coming when more effort will become the best business option.

And for all those Mac fans who think that they are immune from vulnerabilities, think again.  It might reflect the 'wisdom of the crowd', but the view emerging is that it isn't very wise.  See Topic 7.

But read the original article.  It's worth it.

Malcolm Crompton is Managing Director of Information Integrity Solutions (IIS), a globally connected company that works with public sector and private sector organisations to help them build customer trust through respect for the customer and their personal information.