• Australia to vote on October 14

    Anne Twomey     |      August 31, 2023

    Australians will go to the polls on October 14 to vote in a referendum on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the first federal referendum since the Republic was voted down in 1999.

  • What happens in a hung parliament?

    Anne Twomey     |      May 8, 2022

    The current election campaign could produce a tight result, so what happens in a Parliamentary system when no party can command an overall majority?

  • When is a National Cabinet not a National Cabinet?

    Anne Twomey     |      August 7, 2021

    When is a cabinet not a cabinet? When it is really an intergovernmental body that is pretending to be a cabinet so it can avoid transparency?

  • Constitutional change is hard for good reason

    Anne Twomey     |      July 24, 2019

    Constitutional change in Australia is always an uphill battle, but that is no reason to shirk it. Instead, it should be a spur to produce better proposals for constitutional change, develop strong and clear arguments for reform, cultivate widespread public support and undertake vigorous, but honest, campaigns.