About Open Forum

Open Forum is an independent, non-profit, collaborative think-tank built around an interactive discussion website hosted and moderated by Global Access Partners (GAP). It provides a platform for focused dialogue on Australian public policy and social issues.

Open Forum is registration-based and enables participants to make connections, share their opinions and concerns, test their ideas, raise and discuss specific topics, suggest solutions and ultimately contribute to policy development and economic outcomes for government and business, as well as the democratic process in general.

The creation of an e-forum on industry and policy issues for GAP's global virtual community of partners and stakeholders follows from the outcomes of the 2006 GAP Forum on Leveraging Networks in Business. (For more information, please go to www.globalaccesspartners.org/eventnetworks.htm).

Open Forum exists thanks to the support of our government and industry sponsors in addition to GAP funding. Open Forum provides a powerful web-based consultative mechanism enabling access to and by key people in our community.

Initially built around the GAP Alumni Network comprising some 1,000 participants from all levels of government, private and not-for-profit sectors, Open Forum registration is now open to all. Open Forum facilitates outcomes-based projects, the direction of which is guided by its Advisory Board.

If you would like to join the network or participate in a particular project, please contact us at info@globalaccesspartners.org.