• A bright future for dark matter

    Harry Desmond     |      May 14, 2024

    While the ‘dark matter’ theory remains unsatisfactory in many ways, recent scientific observations seem to undermine one of its main rivals to explain discrepancies in our view of the universe.

  • Science by design

    Rebecca Green     |      May 8, 2024

    Graphic design can be a powerful tool in enhancing people’s confidence in scientific communications.

  • 5 clues to the birth of life

    Louise Gillet de Chalonge     |      May 7, 2024

    The origins of life on Earth remain one of the biggest unsolved questions in science, but five remarkable discoveries over the last five years have shed light on the possible process.

  • Raised by robots

    Eduardo Benítez Sandoval     |      May 4, 2024

    Recent generations of children have been raised with an ipad in their hands, but the next generation might also share their world with robots as well.

  • Who’s afraid of quantum computing?

    Chris Ferrie     |      May 3, 2024

    Embracing quantum technology might be less about overcoming fear and more about fostering understanding, encouraging patience, and maintaining an open mind to the unlimited possibilities this technology promises to bring.

  • Natural chemistry

    Timothy Schmidt     |      May 2, 2024

    “Chemicals” have a bad reputation, as every mention of them in the news seems to be negative, but chemistry is the central science of the modern world.

  • Alien science

    Philip Almond     |      April 20, 2024

    We no longer live in a universe that is seen as the product of the divine plenitude. Nor one in which our planet can be viewed as the centre of the universe. As a result, ironically, we have become aliens to ourselves: modern “alienation” is that sense of being lost and forsaken in the vast spaces of a godless universe.

  • Science is the key to our manufacturing future

    Open Forum     |      April 15, 2024

    The Australian Academy of Science has welcomed the Prime Minister’s intention to legislate a “Future Made in Australia Act” to boost technologically advanced manufacturing in this country.

  • Mind over matter

    Philip Goff     |      March 19, 2024

    The mystery of consciousness shows there may be a limit to what science alone can achieve.

  • Scepticism v credulity

    Alan Stevenson     |      March 11, 2024

    The ability to perceive patterns is a fundamental building block of human intelligence, but we need the scientific method to ensure these patterns are real, rather than illusions.

  • Kitchen science

    Sam Baron     |      March 5, 2024

    Some science experiments cost billions of dollars, while others can be done on a tabletop, but both types of investigation could help push our understanding of fundamental physics into new realms.

  • Nemesis

    Open Forum     |      March 3, 2024

    A CSIRO team aboard research vessel (RV) Investigator has helped Heritage NSW solve a 120-year mystery with the discovery of the SS Nemesis, a 73-metre iron-hulled steamship that was lost at sea in 1904.