• Economy

    New insights into Australia’s productivity problem

    Open Forum |  March 1, 2024

    A new report from the Productivity Commission shows that labour productivity fell sharply in 2022-23, as a record-breaking increase in hours worked failed to generate a similar increase in economic output.

  • Defence and Security

    Sabotage down under

    Sarah Kendall |  March 1, 2024

    The Western world is under constant attack from Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korean hackers, spies and saboteurs, and Australia is not immune from foreign intrusion.

  • #StandwithUkraine

    Boots on the ground

    Kenton White |  March 1, 2024

    The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has said sending western troops to fight the Russians in Ukraine “could not be ruled out”.

Latest Story

  • Trust your instincts

    Alan Stevenson     |      February 29, 2024

    We’re surrounded by technology and spend decades honing our intellects at school and university but intuition – the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning – remains a powerful force in our lives, and can sometimes even be a life saver.

  • Back to the Moon

    David Flannery     |      February 29, 2024

    Late last week, the American company Intuitive Machines, in collaboration with NASA, celebrated “America’s return to the Moon” with a successful landing of its Odysseus spacecraft.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      February 29, 2024

    Temperatures in Sydney are tipped to reach 35 degrees today, and Australia’s Climate Council is warning that the nation’s capitals will endure twice as many days over 35 as they used to unless effective action is taken on global warming.

  • Solomons under Sogavare

    Corey Lee Bell     |      February 28, 2024

    Solomon Islands has forged closer ties with Beijing under Manasseh Sogavare’s prime ministership, but though a Sogavare victory in the upcoming Solomon Islands elections will pose a continuing challenge for Australia’s Pacific Island engagement strategy, there are also opportunities.

  • Time for change in the workplace?

    John Hopkins     |      February 28, 2024

    The relentless march of technology has delivered many labour saving devices but greater productivity has benefited employers more than employees. So will large language models and generative artificial intelligence deliver a golden age of social prosperity or drive millions out of work?

  • Keep on fighting

    Stephen Hall     |      February 28, 2024

    Stalinist show trials and the murder of opposition figures show the depth of Soviet-style repression in Putin’s Russia but the death of Alexei has not dimmed the resolve of his wife and other dissidents to ‘keep on fighting’.

  • Ranking Scott Morrison

    Paul Strangio     |      February 27, 2024

    Scott Morrison, Australia’s 30th prime minister, will soon deliver his valedictory speech to the House of Representatives. As Morrison leaves parliament, it’s timely to ask where he is placed in the pantheon of Australia’s national leaders.

  • Teens behaving badly

    Kathryn Daley     |      February 27, 2024

    A spate of high profile incidents in which teens attack passers by for no reason except social media hits has provoked a backlash, so academics are lining up to assure everyone that anti-social behaviour is society’s fault instead.

  • Ukraine at the crossroads

    Stefan Wolff     |      February 27, 2024

    Divided Americans and apathetic Europeans must double down on military, economic and political support for Ukraine or risk the spectre of a resurgent Vladimir Putin gloating in victory.

  • Understanding the universities accord

    Judith Ireland     |      February 26, 2024

    Federal education Minister Jason Clare has released the highly-anticipated Universities Accord final report, billing it as a “blueprint” to change higher education for decades to come.

  • Gut instincts

    Lilly Matson     |      February 26, 2024

    A psychologist from UNSW Sydney explains what intuition is and how you can harness it to make better decisions.

  • Tucker Quisling

    Michael Socolow     |      February 26, 2024

    Tucker Carlson is not the first American reporter to travel to a foreign dictatorship and produce propaganda in the guise of journalism, but he is none the less contemptible for that.