• #StandwithUkraine

    Ukraine is fighting our war

    Brendan Nicholson |  March 3, 2024

    On the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of his country, Ambassador Vasyl Myroshnychenko has delivered a blunt and heartfelt message to Australia—Ukraine is fighting our war.

  • Politics and Policy

    Listen to the people

    Ross Carroll |  March 3, 2024

    Although he once quipped that “You can never plan the future by the past” could the work of 18th-century political theorist Edmund Burke, famed for his cautionary take on the French Revolution, help modern democracies escape their current malaise?

  • Science and Technology


    Open Forum |  March 3, 2024

    A CSIRO team aboard research vessel (RV) Investigator has helped Heritage NSW solve a 120-year mystery with the discovery of the SS Nemesis, a 73-metre iron-hulled steamship that was lost at sea in 1904.

Latest Story

  • Helping Ukraine to help ourselves

    Bec Shrimpton     |      March 2, 2024

    To recall Margaret Thatcher’s choice turn of phrase to George H.W. Bush when confronting Saddam Hussein’s flagrant aggression against Kuwait in 1990, this is no time “to go wobbly” on Australia’s support for Ukraine.

  • Whatever happened to El Niño?

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2024

    This summer was supposed to be dry and hot, and a scientist from UNSW Sydney explains why the current warm and wet El Niño cycle hasn’t behaved quite as we expected it to.

  • Fat planet

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2024

    While malnutrition remains an important issue in some countries, over a billion people around the world are now obese, with all the health problems this implies.

  • Oxfam calls for climate action

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2024

    The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-Australia Special Summit commences this week in Melbourne and Oxfam is calling for the Australian government and other world leaders attending to ramp up ambition to tackle the climate crisis in the region.

  • Australia’s productivity problem

    Open Forum     |      March 1, 2024

    A new report from the Productivity Commission shows that labour productivity fell sharply in 2022-23, as a record-breaking increase in hours worked failed to generate a similar increase in economic output.

  • Sabotage down under

    Sarah Kendall     |      March 1, 2024

    The Western world is under constant attack from Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korean hackers, spies and saboteurs, and Australia is not immune from foreign intrusion.

  • Boots on the ground

    Kenton White     |      March 1, 2024

    The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has said sending western troops to fight the Russians in Ukraine “could not be ruled out”.

  • Trust your instincts

    Alan Stevenson     |      February 29, 2024

    We’re surrounded by technology and spend decades honing our intellects at school and university but intuition – the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning – remains a powerful force in our lives, and can sometimes even be a life saver.

  • Back to the Moon

    David Flannery     |      February 29, 2024

    Late last week, the American company Intuitive Machines, in collaboration with NASA, celebrated “America’s return to the Moon” with a successful landing of its Odysseus spacecraft.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      February 29, 2024

    Temperatures in Sydney are tipped to reach 35 degrees today, and Australia’s Climate Council is warning that the nation’s capitals will endure twice as many days over 35 as they used to unless effective action is taken on global warming.

  • Solomons under Sogavare

    Corey Lee Bell     |      February 28, 2024

    Solomon Islands has forged closer ties with Beijing under Manasseh Sogavare’s prime ministership, but though a Sogavare victory in the upcoming Solomon Islands elections will pose a continuing challenge for Australia’s Pacific Island engagement strategy, there are also opportunities.

  • Time for change in the workplace?

    John Hopkins     |      February 28, 2024

    The relentless march of technology has delivered many labour saving devices but greater productivity has benefited employers more than employees. So will large language models and generative artificial intelligence deliver a golden age of social prosperity or drive millions out of work?