• Politics and Policy

    Strengthening Australian democracy

    Carolyn Holbrook |  July 22, 2024

    The growing threats and challenges to Australia’s democracy are well outlined in a new government report, and now is the time for some action

  • Business

    Silver surfers

    Open Forum |  July 22, 2024

    A new study calls for Australia to take advantage of the untapped market of silver tourism, paving the way to not only grow the economy but also offer an ever-increasing ageing population the opportunity to maintain quality of life.

  • America

    Biden leaves the stage

    Philip Klinkner |  July 22, 2024

    Given mounting concern about his prospects of re-election, Joe Biden has withdrawn his candidacy and urged Democrats to back Vice-President Kamala Harris instead.

Latest Story

  • Could Harris trump Trump?

    Dennis Altman     |      July 21, 2024

    President Joe Biden says only God – or medical advice – will prevent him running for re-election. Should Biden drop out of the race, could Vice President Kamala Harris turn potential defeat into a viable contest between Democrats and Donald Trump?

  • Detecting drink drivers

    Open Forum     |      July 21, 2024

    Researchers at Edith Cowan University are developing new computer tracking technology that takes data from camera footage to detect whether a driver is impaired by alcohol or not when they get behind the wheel.

  • In praise of Shirley Jackson

    Bernice Murphy     |      July 21, 2024

    Three quarters of a century on, The Lottery and Other Stories remains the perfect showcase for one of the 20th century’s most original, and now, most justly celebrated, authors.

  • The day the Earth stood still

    David Tuffley     |      July 20, 2024

    The world is getting used to repeated infrastructure attacks by Chinese spies, Russian state hackers and cyber-criminals but the world has just suffered its largest outage at the hands of a bungled software update.

  • The downside of doomscrolling

    Open Forum     |      July 20, 2024

    In a world first study on the impact of doomscrolling from an existential perspective, Flinders University researchers warn that habitual checking of disturbing stories on social media is linked with changes to how we view humankind and the meaning of life.

  • Countering conspiracy theories

    Zim Nwokora     |      July 20, 2024

    Trying to shut down the conspiracy theories poisoning current political and social discourse with laws and regulation isn’t working so it may be time to try something different.

  • Should Biden bow out?

    Emma Shortis     |      July 19, 2024

    Despite his bombastic attempt to overthrow American democracy and a string of criminal convictions, Donald Trump is proving a strong challenger to Joe Biden, so should the ageing President bow out of the campaign?

  • Sanction Chinese companies supporting Russia in Ukraine

    Benjamin Herscovitch     |      July 19, 2024

    Australia should take concrete action against China’s material support for Russia’s illegal invasion and brutal occupation of Ukraine.

  • Global forests in crisis

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2024

    Deforestation continues around the world, contributing to climate change as well as biological devastation, and Australia remains one of the world’s worst offenders.

  • Tackling Pacific misinformation

    Blake Johnson     |      July 18, 2024

    There needs to be stronger communications between governments and media across the Pacific to reduce the spread of misinformation.

  • Sydney’s traffic sclerosis

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      July 18, 2024

    Sydney’s fast growing population is generating traffic problems which the plethora of toll roads are doing nothing to alleviate, so what is the solution?

  • Science in the age of credulity

    Mark Taylor     |      July 18, 2024

    In an increasingly complex world, scientific literacy and the pursuit of scientific discovery remain essential for progress, sustainability, and the betterment of society.