• Environment

    A plateful of extinction

    Quentin Read |  July 1, 2022

    Tough trade-offs for both individuals and societies may be required to balance human health, agricultural economics, and environmental sustainability.

  • Pacific

    How the Chinese silenced Pacific media

    Sue Ahearn |  July 1, 2022

    Media coverage of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s recent visit to the South Pacific was effectively silenced, highlighting the fragility of a free media in the region.

  • Society

    25 million answers in eight charts

    Wes Mountain |  July 1, 2022

    More than 25 million Australians sat down on Tuesday August 20 last year to complete their census, and the results offer a fascinating snapshot into the changing demographics of this country.

Latest Story

  • The dead cat bounce of coal

    Jorrit Gosens     |      June 30, 2022

    Recent volatility in global fossil energy markets have been a boon for coal exporters but, in the long term, it will only accelerate the phase-out of coal, as policymakers in importing countries transition to clean domestically produced energy for a range of environmental, economic and security reasons.

  • Unlocking the secrets of extinct megafauna

    Open Forum     |      June 30, 2022

    Australian palaeontologists from Flinders University have described a new genus of giant fossil kangaroo from the mountains of central Papua New Guinea. Rather than being closely related to Australian kangaroos, it most likely belongs to a unique genus of more primitive kangaroo found only in PNG.

  • The amateur asteroid hunters giving NASA a run for its money

    Peter Vereš     |      June 29, 2022

    Even with millions in funding and super high-tech equipment, the world’s space agencies need a helping hand from people at home to track down near earth asteroids.

  • Australia has lift off

    Malcolm Davis     |      June 29, 2022

    Australia has taken another step towards becoming a serious contributor to the global space economy with the launch of a NASA sounding rocket from the Arnhem Space Center at Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory.

  • The Pacific power game

    Sue Farran     |      June 29, 2022

    The island states of the Pacific – from large Papua New Guinea to the smaller island states like Tuvalu – find themselves in a newly influential position as the west and China battle for their strategic backing.

  • Agriculture 4.0 helps farmers do more with less

    Rabiya Abbasi     |      June 29, 2022

    If integrated correctly, new technologies can enhance crop yields, reduce production costs, improve the traceability of food, eliminate unnecessary waste and detect diseases in advance, but harnessing Agriculture 4.0’s full value won’t be easy.

  • Supporting national security in the Pacific

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      June 28, 2022

    Working with Pacific island countries’ national security strategies would ensure that Australia has a clear understanding of Pacific peace and security at the local and regional levels, both now and into the future.

  • Welcome to the world of social robots

    Kay Harrison     |      June 28, 2022

    Social robotics can make social life more accessible to a greater diversity of people, according to Professor Mari Velonaki of the University of New South Wales.

  • Remembering Frank Moorehouse

    Julieanne Lamond     |      June 28, 2022

    Frank Moorhouse, who died in Sydney on Sunday, June 26, 2022, made a significant and multi-faceted contribution to Australia’s literary life.

  • Beyond GDP

    Warwick Smith     |      June 27, 2022

    Australia’s new federal treasurer Jim Chalmers’ has the opportunity to draw a line under the Coalition’s narrow economic focus and follow the example set in New Zealand to build a well-being focused economy.

  • King rat

    Jon Yuan Jiang     |      June 27, 2022

    Vladimir Putin fancies himself the king of a resurgent Russia, occupying Eastern Europe and cowing the West, but like the Bond villains he so closely resembles, his own hubris, self-indulgence and bloated self-serving ambition will ensure his downfall.

  • Spirit and song in the Kimberley

    Catriona May     |      June 27, 2022

    The decade-long Junba Project in the Kimberley has helped revitalise the public song-and-dance tradition, strengthening community spirit and the confidence of young people.