• Media

    How Facebook controls the ads you see

    Open Forum |  October 26, 2021

    Personal data is a goldmine for advertisers and Facebook may be making the most of it via dark ads that tap into your ethnicity, gender, income, age, political interests and more. QUT and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society have launched the Australian Ad Observatory and need participants to find out how they are being targeted.

  • China

    The Quad can contain China

    Liam Gibson |  October 25, 2021

    The formidable naval power of Indo-Pacific alliances could still contain China’s aggressive naval build-up and deter an invasion of Taiwan or countries bordering the South China Sea.

  • Climate Change

    The world needs success in Glasgow

    Christian Downie |  October 25, 2021

    A crucial round of United Nations climate change negotiations will soon begin in Glasgow and the stakes could not be higher. By the end, we’ll know how far nations are willing to go to address humanity’s biggest challenge.

Latest Story

  • Measuring the benefits of regenerative agriculture

    Open Forum     |      October 25, 2021

    Regenerative agriculture is a collection of farming techniques focusing on soil regeneration, supporting the ecosystem, and improving the water cycle and a new project is measuring its benefits in New Zealand.

  • Combating climate misinformation

    John Cook     |      October 24, 2021

    Misinformation about major issues such as climate change has polluted our information landscape for three decades, poisoning public discourse and clouding people’s minds.

  • The Pacific wants action on climate change

    Wesley Morgan     |      October 24, 2021

    The Pacific Islands are at the frontline of climate change and as rising seas threaten their very existence, these tiny nation states will not be submerged without a fight.

  • Reaping the social benefits of carbon farming in northern Australia

    Gillian Savage     |      October 23, 2021

    Carbon farming can generate sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes around rural Australia, not least in the tropical north.

  • Marine heatwaves affect people too

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      October 23, 2021

    Marine heatwaves have led to major economic losses around the world, a new study shows – and researchers say we need global action to ease the impacts of extreme warming events on ocean life.

  • Growing problems for China

    Richard Holden     |      October 23, 2021

    China’s communist leaders successfully adopted the free market while maintaining political hegemony, but without academic freedom and rule of law it’s hard to see how China’s economy can continue to grow so fast.

  • Collaboration not captivity

    David Fawcett     |      October 22, 2021

    AUKUS does not make Australia captive to a foreign agenda. Instead, it opens doors to enhanced collaboration that will build collective capability and resilience, enhancing Australia’s ability to partner with like-minded nations to deter threats and contribute to stability and security in the Indo-Pacific.

  • The hidden costs of the wildlife trade

    Open Forum     |      October 22, 2021

    An international team of experts, including researchers from the University of Adelaide, has highlighted that the illegal and unsustainable global wildlife trade has bigger ramifications on our everyday lives than you might think.

  • Not-so-free trade in the Asia Pacific

    Shaun Cameron     |      October 22, 2021

    Free trade facilitated rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, but new trade barriers, geopolitical rivalries, the COVID-19 pandemic, and regional inequality are threatening this expansion.

  • Exposing China’s oppression of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

    Vicky Xiuzhong Xu     |      October 21, 2021

    Up to a million Uyghurs and other indigenous people in Xinjiang have been rounded up and interned in what Chinese authorities call  ‘vocational education and training centres’ since 2017, but these camps are only the most visible components of a vast architecture of repression in the region.

  • What to expect at COP26

    Jacqueline Peel     |      October 21, 2021

    With so many vital issues up for discussion at COP26, ensuring a successful outcome was always going to be a challenge, even without the wildcard of COVID-19.

  • Watching the watchdogs

    Yee-Fui Ng     |      October 21, 2021

    Many current COVID-19 recovery plans are not compatible with the Paris Agreement on climate change and will have long-term health implications, according to a global report featuring Australian authors.