• Artificial Intelligence

    On the brink of the singularity

    Alan Stevenson |  May 25, 2022

    The increasing sophistication of hardware and software to augment our capabilities is beginning to blur the boundaries between man and machine, raising a host of physical possibilities and ethical questions.

  • Environment

    After the floods

    Cecilia Duong |  May 25, 2022

    While populations around the globe have dealt with the effect of floods for millennia, climate change is now bringing bigger and more extreme storms and flood events to Australia.

  • International

    The battle for ideas will shape new global order

    Stephen Nagy |  May 25, 2022

    The world has a choice to make between the freedom and democracy offered by the West and the aggressive authoritarianism of Russia and China.

Latest Story

  • What now for the Liberal party?

    Marija Taflaga     |      May 24, 2022

    The brash qualities, political nous and single minded aggression which won Scott Morrison his ‘miracle’ victory in 2019 proved liabilities in 2022, and he leaves a party which has abandoned its heartland seats and moral core.

  • Asia hides in the sidelines on Russia’s invasion

    Susan Thornton     |      May 24, 2022

    Europe’s firm stance against Russia’s outrageous invasion of Ukraine stands in sharp contrast with the silence and ambivalence shown by most Asian nations.

  • Close encounters of the drone kind

    Steven Tingay     |      May 24, 2022

    The United States Congress recently held a hearing into “unidentified aerial phenomena” and while it’s likely they’re drones of terrestrial origin, they’re rekindling interest into the possibility of alien visitation.

  • Will the real Labor party stand up?

    Shaun Carney     |      May 23, 2022

    Australia voted for change despite Labor’s campaign rather than because of it, given Anthony Albanese’s gaffes and insipid appeal to the electorate, so will a minority Labor government with less than a third of the primary vote develop a bolder agenda in power?

  • Liberals at the crossroads

    Mark Kenny     |      May 23, 2022

    Scott Morrison’s strategy of abandoning moderate heartland seats, spurning professional women, emphasising wedge issues and infuriating Western Australia has backfired spectacularly, leaving the Liberal party with fundamental questions about its identity after nine years of power.

  • The fine art and inexact science of Australian politics

    Graeme Dobell     |      May 23, 2022

    After twenty years of squabbling and inaction by both sides of politics, the 2022 election has surely brought the ‘climate wars’ to a close, but both Labor and the Liberals will have new battles to fight in government and opposition.

  • Forward together

    Anthony Albanese     |      May 22, 2022

    Anthony Albanese is poised to become Australia’s 31st prime minister, and he laid out his vision for his incoming administration in his victory speech on election night in his constituency.

  • How Albanese crept into power

    Frank Bongiorno     |      May 22, 2022

    Though it won just a third of first preference votes, Labor will form a minority government thanks to a strong showing by the teal independents and Greens and Western Australia’s wholesale rejection of Scott Morrison, so how will Albanese govern now?

  • Australia can’t be a safe haven for war criminals

    James Baylis     |      May 22, 2022

    Australia has offered a home to too many thugs and criminals guilty of horrendous acts abroad, and shouldn’t continue to shelter such people, nor allow Russia’s legion of rapists and murderers escape justice here.

  • Weaning Europe from Russian fuel

    Margarita Balmaceda     |      May 22, 2022

    Europe remains dependent on Russian fuel exports for a third of its energy needs, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed the folly of depending on a hostile state and funding its war machine, forcing Europe’s politicians to finally begin to cut energy ties with Putin’s criminal regime.

  • All political careers end in failure

    Ataus Samad     |      May 21, 2022

    The former British liberal leader Paddy Ashdown once observed that all political careers end in failure, and the high hopes of at least one Australian leader are about to be dashed, so how to leaders come to terms with the end of their ambitions?

  • Many paths to justice in Ukraine

    Open Forum     |      May 21, 2022

    It is unlikely the ICC will bring lasting justice in Ukraine, but there are many legal avenues that could help as well as victory on the battlefield against the Russian invaders.