• China

    Facing facts over China

    John Fitzgerald |  August 13, 2022

    Australians have as much reason to be wary of China’s communist government as people in Taiwan, because China’s communists have shown they don’t care about people anywhere – not in China, not in Taiwan and not in Australia.

  • Media

    Fakes, facts and flame outs

    Mathieu O Neil |  August 13, 2022

    Hostile governments, conspiracy theorists and politically motivated individuals use social media to spread lies for profit or to gain a strategic advantage, so what can we do to protect ourselves?

  • Human Interest

    The pursuit of happiness

    Alan Stevenson |  August 13, 2022

    We spend billions of dollars each year looking for happiness, hoping it might be bought, consumed, found, or travelled to, but other, more contemplative cultures and traditions assure us that this is a waste of time, and living in the moment is the best way to find true contentment.

Latest Story

  • The mathematics of human behaviour

    Dorje Brody     |      August 12, 2022

    Maths as well as psychology can be used to unravel the mysteries of human decision making and how it changes over time.

  • Smart textiles and soft robots

    Neil Martin     |      August 12, 2022

    Smart textiles with artificial muscle fibres which allow them to move and take different forms have been produced by a team from UNSW’s Medical Robotics Lab.

  • Murder houses

    Ben Knight     |      August 12, 2022

    What do real estate agents and vendors have to disclose about a house with a chequered – or even bloody – history?

  • Climate partnerships in the Pacific

    Anne-Marie Schleich     |      August 11, 2022

    The Indo-Pacific has emerged as prominent geopolitical theatre. Pacific Island states have adeptly used international fora and cultivated multilateral partnerships to address their greatest concern — climate change.

  • Digitising endangered languages

    Nick Thieberger     |      August 11, 2022

    The PARADISEC digital archive model revitalising endangered languages around the Pacific has now been taken up in North America by the Cherokee Nation.

  • No green light for greenwashing

    Nadia Razzhigaeva     |      August 11, 2022

    Investors concerned about the environment and making ethical choices should demand transparency in the corporate sector and rigorous regulation standards from ASIC and the ACCC to prevent unscrupulous firms misrepresenting their green credentials.

  • Politics fast and slow

    Andy Marks     |      August 10, 2022

    The slow drip of bad news from inquiries into corruption at the heart of NSW politics is frustrating the Premier’s attempts to control the political agenda before the next state election.

  • Four days a week?

    Victoria Tichá     |      August 10, 2022

    Four-day work week trials have been running for the past couple of years, led by 4 Day Week Global, a not-for-profit coalition of business leaders, community strategists, work designers, and advocacy thought-leaders.

  • The travails of Taiwan

    Michael Shoebridge     |      August 10, 2022

    As with Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, Xi Jinping’s violently aggressive actions in the past few days against Taiwan – and Japan – clearly reveal China’s true nature and intentions.

  • Eyes in the sky over the Pacific

    David Brewster     |      August 9, 2022

    Combining data from space platforms and terrestrial craft will boost Australia’s awareness of maritime activities, from illegal fishing to Chinese naval movements, in the Indo-Pacific.

  • Waste not, want not

    Mark Boulet     |      August 9, 2022

    Large households throw away the most food. In an attempt to stop the waste, a simple idea is showing great promise.

  • Bringing species back from the brink

    Philip McGowan     |      August 9, 2022

    Mankind has driven many species into extinction since the end of the last ice age, but controlling invasive species and protecting habitat can help support efforts to save those teetering on the brink.