• Philosophy as a way of life

    Matthew Sharpe     |      June 20, 2024

    The most life-changing books can seem like they have always been there. What they say may seem obvious, once we’ve read them, but that’s only because they’ve reshaped how we look at things.

  • The proper study of man

    Matthew Sharpe     |      June 16, 2024

    The term ‘humanism’ has meant many things over the ages, and understanding its evolution offers insight into both the history of philosophy and the

  • A curious mind

    Matthew Sharpe     |      June 14, 2024

    Michel de Montaigne was perhaps the first, and is certainly the greatest, essayist of all. Rather than contemplate the mysteries of the universe, he turned his attention to the human condition, and so remains as pertinent today as he was almost half a millennium ago.

  • A “fair go” for all?

    Pandanus Petter     |      June 10, 2024

    Politicians and social activists of all stripes always frame their arguments in terms of giving Australians a “fair go”, but this famous Australian phrase has its roots in the field of sport, rather than politics.

  • The mystery of Mona Lisa

    Darius von Guttner Sporzynski     |      June 1, 2024

    More than half a millennium since it was first painted, the real identity of the Mona Lisa remains one of art’s greatest mysteries, intriguing scholars and enthusiasts alike.

  • What are words worth?

    Robbie Morgan     |      May 31, 2024

    Words and phrases change their meaning over time, sometimes because they’re so widely misused – like ‘beg the question’ or ‘disinterested v uninterested’ that the original sense is forgotten.

  • Australia’s crumbling castle

    Open Forum     |      May 24, 2024

    Australian networks used to produce iconic shows like The Castle, but the amount and quality of home-grown Australian focused drama on our screens is dwindling, according to a new report from QUT.

  • Lives of girls and women

    Manina Jones     |      May 23, 2024

    Alice Munro, who has died at the age of 92, was one of the world’s most beloved writers of tender, insightful short stories, a Nobel Prize winner, and a Canadian national treasure.

  • Simple twist of fate

    Michael Allen Fox     |      May 23, 2024

    While our ‘fate’ is often seen as determined by inevitable events, a higher power or circumstances beyond our control, our fate is largely in our own hands and determined by our actions, choices and character.

  • Things fell apart

    Alexander Howard     |      May 20, 2024

    Social media continually bombards us with piecemeal fragments of a selectively curated approximation of something that passes for reality, stoking division and angst.

  • Only the astronauts

    Tony Hughes-d'Aeth     |      May 16, 2024

    Adrift in outer space, a motley crew of human-made objects tell their tales, making real history a little sweeter and stranger, in the new collection of short stories by Ceridwen Dovey.

  • In praise of Paul Auster

    Paul Giles     |      May 5, 2024

    The passing of Brooklyn novelist Paul Auster, who burst onto the literary scene with his ‘New York Trilogy’ in 1987, will sadden lovers of fine writing around the world.