• Exile on Main Street at fifty

    Dean Biron     |      May 15, 2022

    The Rolling Stones released Exile on Main Street half a century ago, and, as anyone who’s listened to the radio over the last 10 years will attest, it still blows the competition away.

  • An awfully big adventure

    Samuel Holleran     |      April 19, 2022

    While the ethical and moral questions raised by our mortality might be difficult to address in real life, there’s a long tradition of exploring them through art and culture.

  • Throwing the dice

    Belinda Castles     |      April 17, 2022

    A new book of essays by famed Italian writer Elena Ferrante – the author of My Brilliant Friend – offers insight into her writing process and inspiration for other writers struggling to make their voice heard.

  • A film to remember

    Gill Jamieson     |      April 16, 2022

    While James Cameron’s bloated, sentimentalised “Titanic” broke box office records, Roy Ward Baker’s sober and dignified “A Night to Remember” remains a much better film.

  • Thank you for the music

    Emi Berry     |      April 14, 2022

    Music not only helps us relax or have fun, but can actually improve our health.

  • Why stories matter

    Claire Corbett     |      April 8, 2022

    Writers can’t always be trusted when they talk about the power and importance of stories, but they offer the reader a chance to see the world through the eyes of others, and develop empathy for their struggles.

  • No place for books in the budget

    Ben Eltham     |      April 5, 2022

    Despite the continuing popularity of reading for pleasure in Australia, the nations writers enjoy little support from the federal government.

  • Don’t believe the hype

    Chris Zappone     |      March 11, 2022

    From authoritarian propaganda to virtual reality and non-fungible tokens, reality must increasingly compete with the unreal for attention and credibility.

  • Remembering two giants of Australian art

    Catherine Speck     |      January 24, 2022

    Australia lost two important artworld figures in the last ten days – both were senior artists working in Adelaide but with a reach extending far beyond the city or the nation.

  • Arts figures reject cultural boycott at Sydney Festival

    Open Forum     |      January 7, 2022

    More than 120 leaders from the entertainment industry have signed an open letter in support of the Sydney Festival and participating artists after several organisations withdrew after the Israeli Embassy in Australia sponsored a performance by an Israeli dance ensemble.

  • Party on, Santa

    James Lancaster     |      December 25, 2021

    Even the most boisterous Christmas party today pales in comparison with the raucous celebrations of previous eras.

  • Miracles and magic: the dual stories at the heart of Christmas

    Robyn Whitaker     |      December 24, 2021

    Christmas brings together diverse myths and European traditions full of magic, mystery and miraculous activity.