• Do as I say – The appeal of cults

    Shane Satterley     |      August 4, 2022

    There are no shortage of people seeking purpose in their lives, and charismatic charlatans happy to take advantage of them.

  • Biblical monsters

    Madadh Richey     |      July 23, 2022

    The Bible is full of monsters, even if they’re not Frankenstein or Bigfoot, and these characters can teach important lessons about ancient authors, texts and cultures.

  • Something rich and strange – Shelley at 200

    Amy Wilcockson     |      July 16, 2022

    It’s two hundred years since Shelley, one of Britain’s greatest poets, died at sea at the age of 29. His rock star fame and rollicking lifestyle are perhaps more famous than his works today, but remain some of the most beautiful work in the English language.

  • Dogs in myth and legend

    Alan Stevenson     |      July 14, 2022

    Genetic evidence suggests dogs were first domesticated from their wolf ancestors at least 27,000 years ago, and dogs have played a prominent role in our lives and myths throughout recorded history.

  • Remembering James Caan

    Daryl Sparkes     |      July 14, 2022

    James Caan didn’t care for the trappings of stardom or the celebrity status so many other actors crave. He was into acting for one thing: the craft at which he excelled.

  • Welcome to the Italian Riviera

    Hetta Howes     |      July 11, 2022

    In the depths of a cold, wet, grey Australian winter, what better way to escape than literature about one of the most beautiful areas in the world – the Italian Riviera.

  • Remembering Frank Moorehouse

    Julieanne Lamond     |      June 28, 2022

    Frank Moorhouse, who died in Sydney on Sunday, June 26, 2022, made a significant and multi-faceted contribution to Australia’s literary life.

  • Spirit and song in the Kimberley

    Catriona May     |      June 27, 2022

    The decade-long Junba Project in the Kimberley has helped revitalise the public song-and-dance tradition, strengthening community spirit and the confidence of young people.

  • The empty brilliance of Elvis Presley

    Michael Bertrand     |      June 26, 2022

    Elvis Presley never wrote a song, could barely play the guitar, and coasted through most of his career after his explosive debut in the late 1950s. For all that he remains one of the most charismatic figures in 20th century entertainment.

  • Scary tales for scary times

    Ali Alizadeh     |      June 11, 2022

    Great horror novels continue to be written and are being read and appreciated by general readers as well as passionate fans of the genre.

  • The myths that unite and divide us

    Alan Stevenson     |      May 26, 2022

    Humans are social animals, and the myths, symbols and ideologies we create and share help groups define themselves and maintain internal cohesion. However these myths can impede progress and create animosity between groups as well.

  • Exile on Main Street at fifty

    Dean Biron     |      May 15, 2022

    The Rolling Stones released Exile on Main Street half a century ago, and, as anyone who’s listened to the radio over the last 10 years will attest, it still blows the competition away.