• COVID highlights early education issues

    Marg Rogers     |      January 16, 2022

    COVID has exacerbated existing strains and problems in Australia’s childcare sector, so we need to stop talking about ideas to change it and take action towards total reform.

  • Lessons for children from 2021

    Open Forum     |      January 1, 2022

    Three educational experts from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education review another year of disrupted education and what we’ll need to do next to ensure children don’t suffer long term impacts from school closures due to COVID 19.

  • Top teaching tips in two minutes

    Merlin Crossley     |      December 20, 2021

    A new online resource to guide and inspire university teachers is helping to build an academic community that recognises good teaching practice.

  • Boosting outcomes in NSW public schools

    Belinda Henwood     |      December 11, 2021

    The Ambassador Schools Research Centre will work with Ambassador Schools to explore effective practices and improve student outcomes across the system.

  • Pathways to school success

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2021

    A study by Menzies School of Health Research and Charles Darwin University into a child’s journey from preschool attendance to early academic achievement outlines how foundational skills for life and learning contribute to successful school participation.

  • Supporting children at school

    Open Forum     |      November 24, 2021

    New technology from the University of South Australia is helping to ensure children are better monitored and supported throughout their school education.

  • Entrepreneurship for all

    Lisa Bosman     |      November 21, 2021

    It’s time to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset across the university and truly prepare students to succeed in the post-pandemic world.

  • Organising curiosity

    Alan Stevenson     |      November 12, 2021

    The scientific method is the key to unlocking the secrets of our world, but explaining science to the public and encouraging young minds to embrace the wonder all around them is equally vital.

  • Will AI help students cheat their way to a degree?

    Sarah Elaine Eaton     |      November 7, 2021

    Plagiarism is a growing problem in universities around the world, and the fast-developing capabilities of artificial intelligence may create even more opportunities for cheating.

  • Building skills at home

    Pi-Shen Seet     |      October 30, 2021

    Rather than poach skilled migrants from abroad, Australia should address skills shortages by training more people at home.

  • Keeping schoolchildren safe from COVID

    Fatemeh Aminpour     |      October 7, 2021

    Physical distancing and use of outdoor spaces for school activities top the list of recommendations to keep children safe from COVID-19.

  • Early childhood educators v box-ticking regulations

    Marg Rogers     |      September 22, 2021

    More than two-thirds of Australian early childhood educators report working many extra hours to satisfy regulatory requirements in a new survey of workers in the sector.