Open Forum is an interactive policy discussion website hosted and moderated by Global Access Partners (GAP).  It offers a platform for free thought, open debate and policy discussion from an Australian perspective and welcomes blogs and comments from everyone who wishes to contribute.

The website has now showcased nearly 6,000 articles since the first piece – inviting questions to then Minister of Health Tony Abbot – went live in May 2007. Publicised by over 8,000 tweets, and thousands of posts on Facebook and Twitter, we feature unique articles written for the site by academics, GAP alumni and members of the public, as well as breaking scientific news and the best articles curated from a range of authoritative Australian sources.

At least three stories are published every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, on a range of topics related to GAP taskforces and the forces shaping modern Australia.

Regular topics include domestic business, economic and political issues; energy, climate change and the environment; infrastructure and technology; and the international science in the Pacific, Asia, China and the USA. The weekends often showcase wide-ranging articles on culture, history and human psychology.

Notable current writers include Professor James Arvanitakis on the turbulent American political scene, Peter Farley on Australian energy policy and Mark Nicol on philosophical and cultural issues as well as long term contributors Max Thomas and Alan Stevenson.

The site also held a successful public consultation exercise for the New South Wales government on strata reform, whose results helped shape the biggest shake-up in strata law for decades.

The site has no political agenda to grind, nor does it accept advertising, and so it can be relied upon for a fresh, unbiased view of the world around us. Consistent in approach, yet always surprising in content, Open Forum welcomes new articles from GAP participants and others, and encourages its readers to share its stories through their own social media channels.

After more than 13 years on the Internet, Open Forum continues to grow, and will be highlighting the topic of resilience in the run-up to GAP’s virtual summit in November.


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