• Team Australia: From bad fashion to bad politics

    Binoy Kampmark     |      September 1, 2014

    Tony Abbott recently declared that everyone has got to be on ‘Team Australia’. Binoy Kampmark argues that the politics of division can never unite and are bound to send groups into even more insularity.

  • Needles in haystacks: intelligence gathering, subjects and citizens

    Binoy Kampmark     |      July 30, 2014

    Two American whistleblowers are currently in Australia to give talks on reclaiming one’s citizenry once it's lost. Binoy Kampmark says there is an obsession with controlling every facet of information as a means of protecting a state’s security.

  • The Corruption Quotient: Qatar and the World Cup

    Binoy Kampmark     |      June 20, 2014

    There have been persistent allegations of bribery and corruption over the 2022 World Cup tournament in Qatar. Binoy Kampmark says fair play is well and truly extinct in world football.

  • The World of Pyne: Protest, Q & A and corporate education

    Binoy Kampmark     |      May 7, 2014

    On Monday a group of students staged a protest on ABC’s Q & A against Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s proposed higher education cuts. Dr Binoy Kampark says Pyne’s stance is merely taking the project of a longstanding industrialisation and marketing of universities further.

  • What 2013 brought us: A brief sketch

    Binoy Kampmark     |      January 7, 2014

    As we start a new year, it is worth reflecting on events in the last twelve months here and abroad. Binoy Kampmark shares a few memorable moments of 2013.

  • The Mess of Marriage Equality: The ACT and the Constitution

    Binoy Kampmark     |      November 11, 2013

    The High Court will hear a challenge to the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws early next month. Binoy Kampmark describes the constitutional mess the marriage equality legislation in the ACT has become.

  • Harshness before sense? The PNG solution

    Binoy Kampmark     |      July 23, 2013

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat will be processed in Papua New Guinea and resettled there, if found to be refugees. Binoy Kampmark explains why he doesn't agree with this hardline approach.

  • Eddie McGuire: License to Stumble

    Binoy Kampmark     |      June 3, 2013

    After the Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes was called an “ape” by a 13-year-old girl, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire followed suit by suggesting Goodes could be used to promote the musical King Kong. Binoy Kampmark from RMIT University says this case shows the uglier features of sport and spectatorship in general.

  • Genocide in Guatemala: The Conviction of Efrain Rios Montt

    Binoy Kampmark     |      May 15, 2013

    A Guatemalan court has sentenced Efrain Rios Montt, the former Guatemalan military dictator who ruled during a brutal civil war, to 80 years in prison for genocide and crimes against humanity. Binoy Kampmark from RMIT University provides some background to the landmark ruling.

  • Animal Worship: Horse Reverence in Australia

    Binoy Kampmark     |      April 29, 2013

    Is the collective outpouring of emotions after the retirement of the record-breaking racehorse Black Caviar out of proportion? It certainly isn't new, says Binoy Kampmark from RMIT University.