• South African experience…

    Clare Nash     |      January 5, 2009

    From bungy jumping to visiting Soweto on children’s day, from seeing the very poorest and most violent parts of Johannesburg, every day on this South African trip was an experience.

    I can honestly say, straight up, that I have just had the most wonderful experience of my life. I was so nervous before I went, wondering if I had made the right decision, wondering if I could I handle it and whether South Africa was a wise choice. Despite spending the entire first week in bed with a terrible stomach bug, every fear I had disappeared upon my arrival.

    I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel a member of the Bushpigs family.

    During the week in bed I never once felt alone. People I’d just met were continually checking in on me; bringing me food and water, coming to say hello and make me smile, and taking me to the doctors when I needed it. My experience only got better from there.