• Better politics requires better reporting

    Denis Muller     |      August 3, 2022

    If politics really is to be done differently, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has promised, then the way politics is reported will need to be done differently too.

  • How the media lost the election

    Denis Muller     |      May 27, 2022

    While the Murdoch press campaigned stridently for Morrison, the rest of the media failed to cover the election properly, focusing on meaningless photo-ops with the leaders rather than the issues they didn’t want to talk about – such as climate change, integrity, local concerns and women’s issues.

  • News Corp walks a delicate line on COVID politics

    Denis Muller     |      August 4, 2021

    Decision makers within News Corporation are now fighting among themselves over how its platforms should position themselves in response to the worsening COVID crisis in New South Wales.

  • Free speech and the internet

    Denis Muller     |      January 21, 2021

    While the media face some extremely difficult decisions in today’s operating environment, they do not need to burden themselves with the belief that every decision not to publish is the violation of an inviolable right.

  • Lies, obfuscation and fake news make for a dispiriting – and dangerous – election campaign

    Denis Muller     |      April 28, 2019

    The integrity of Australia’s electoral processes is under unprecedented challenge in this federal election, and the campaign has already been marred by fake news and the political exploitation of social media falsehoods.

  • Why the ABC must stand firm against threats to its independence

    Denis Muller     |      July 15, 2018

    Editorial independence does not mean giving journalists licence to broadcast or publish whatever they want or to avoid accountability for their mistakes. It means encouraging journalists to tackle important stories regardless of what people in power might think.