• This human – working towards a world of abundance and equality

    Dr Melis Senova     |      February 10, 2017

    We need leaders who care, who are concerned about the state of things and want to do something about it. In her new book Dr Melis Senova is reaching out to the curious and open-minded among us.

  • Head space for creativity and innovation

    Dr Melis Senova     |      September 23, 2016

    How can we move beyond the what to the why of innovation? At the recent GAP Summit Dr Melis Senova called for nothing less than a collective mindset revolution.

  • Being careful with certainty

    Dr Melis Senova     |      August 26, 2016

    The greatest risks to open mindedness and growth is certainty. Dr Melis Senova, founder and director of Huddle, encourages us to be willing to remain open and to learn, learn, learn.

  • The future of jobs? Re-framing risk to opportunity

    Dr Melis Senova     |      September 29, 2015

    Following our dreams as a nation is going to take courage, vulnerability, creativity and belief. Founder and director of Huddle, Melis Senova, feels hopeful after attending the GAP jobs summit.

  • Designing the future to make this nation a great one

    Dr Melis Senova     |      May 15, 2015

    What does it mean to be Australian? Participating in GAP’s initiative to develop a Vision for Australia, Melis Senova says we need to establish a united sense of purpose and belief in what we stand for as a collective.

  • Developing a design mindset rather than just methods and tools

    Dr Melis Senova     |      November 17, 2014

    Design thinking is a growing trend in business. Melis Senova explains what it is and how Huddle Academy supports people adopt a different mindset so they can lead the charge for large organisations.