• Greyhound racing ban backflip gives another chance to an industry that deserves none

    Elise Burgess     |      October 12, 2016

    Yesterday NSW Premier Mike Baird announced that the State’s greyhound industry would be given "one final chance" and the racing ban reversed. Elise Burgess from animal protection institute Voiceless says the racing industry will not change its ways after being exposed for its cruelty and getting away with it scot-free.

  • Horrific live export footage demands immediate action: Voiceless

    Elise Burgess     |      June 22, 2016

    Recent footage of the horrific abuse of exported Australian animals have again shown that the live export industry isn’t working. The animal protection institute Voiceless is calling on the Prime Minister to act now.

  • It is time to put animals on the political agenda

    Elise Burgess     |      May 6, 2016

    Animal welfare is a serious public policy issue, but so far Australia falls well behind other nations when it comes to how we treat our animals. Elise Burgess from animal protection institute Voiceless says it’s time to give animals a political voice and ensure their interests are put on the national agenda.

  • No more porkies: Calling for a real legal ban on sow stalls

    Elise Burgess     |      July 24, 2015

    Pigs are social and intelligent animals who naturally live in family groups, yet on factory farms they are treated like machines on a production line. Elise Burgess from the animal protection institute Voiceless challenges Australians to speak up and call for a national legal ban on sow stalls.

  • Meat Free Week is going global

    Elise Burgess     |      March 20, 2015

    When it comes to meat, people in Australia and the UK eat well above the world average. With a devastating impact on the planet and the suffering of billions of animals, Elise Burgess encourages us to support the Meat Free Week initiative.

  • Australian-first survey reveals nation’s attitudes towards animal protection

    Elise Burgess     |      November 21, 2014

    Most Australians agree that farmed animals need to be better protected. Elise Burgess shares this and other results from the first comprehensive and longitudinal survey of animal-related opinions and behaviour in Australia.